Event: Lady Panoplie at House17

Lady Panoplie House17

In Luxembourg we have these Lady Panoplie events, which are being organised in partnership with "Passe-Moi L'Sel Chérie", a boutique promoting jewellery and accessory designers. But the events aren't only about accessories, but basically about everything a girl's heart desires (we're talking about bun bars, massages, beauty workshops,...). This time the event took place at House17, a location I knew from Emilie's blogging classes. So what exactly did I discover there and would I recommend the event to you? Read on and find out...

My first stop was at Linda Van Waesberge. She's a Belgian stylist and brought lots of wonderful designer clothes and accessories to the event. I immediately fell for the bright colours and prints, and the pompom bag, which you can see above, is my latest crush. To say it with the words of Imena who accompanied me: "This bag is SO you!". 

Next Imena and I got our makeup pimped by Mily Serebrenik, a Parisian makeup artist who has developed some self-adhesive eyeliner! I only went for some sticky stars, but we got some Mily Make Up to take home and try out ourselves so I will surely report about it. 

As you can see the exhibited jewellery and accessories weren't boring at all! Especially the Thomas. V and Suzywan Deluxe creations caught my eye. (You can get them via Passe-Moi L'Sel Chérie.)

As the event took place in the evening, I was really glad to discover that Linda and David from Orla Collective were serving some delicious veggie food like sesame noodle salad or peanut chocolate oatmeal cookies. I often miss the healthy food at such events so huge thanks to these guys!

Unfortunately all the workshops like massages, bun bar or nail bar were so full, that I didn't get the chance to try any of them. So in fact I left the event, feeling like I couldn't really benefit from it at all. In my opinion there were just too many women and some rooms got really crowded at times. That's one of the reasons why I don't know if I would attend another Lady Panoplie, or at least if I did, I would check out the interesting workshops first. Nevertheless I could do a skin analysis at the end of the event and got some Dermalogica samples to try at home. The best part however, was catching up with my girls, with whom I took some fun pictures at the Raphaël Yoshitomi Photography booth:


  1. Cool pics, out of curiosity I might attend the next event if I'm around but bearing in mind that it could be a bit of a stressful experience...

  2. looks so cool there :) I can see you had a great time :))


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