Where Them Breasts At?

black lace bras

from top left to down right:

Lace bras without a cup have been super popular the last few seasons. All at a sudden everybody would show their underwear on Instagram, draped besides some flowers and lipstick. And of course black lace is sexy, more than any other material I guess. And yet I feel like, just as bras without cups, all of the recent fashion trends are tailor-made for girls with small breasts. Spaghetti strap tops, backless dresses, extreme V neck gowns,... You're not gonna wear these with a bra but then again if you have a cup B or more you're not gonna leave the house without a bra either. And let's face it, if you have a cup C or more you can't even rely on these strapless bras or silicone breast pads because there's just too much to hold. But it's not only the bra-less trends but also other fashion must haves that just don't look as good when you have big boobs. Let's take the boyfriend shirt trend for example. If you have small breasts you put on a boyfriend shirt or a large blouse, put the ends in your jeans, add some pumps, and you have a sexy yet relaxed everyday look. If you have large breasts however, you put on a boyfriend shirt, unbutton it a bit, and look like you came straight out of a sex movie.
So where the heck was this post going to take us? To be honest I don't know but I guess that the moral of this story is: Flat-chested girls be happy, today's fashion is made just for you! Stop envying women with big boobs, because they literally have to carry their burden, too. Oh and well for those girls that have large breasts: You're not alone!


  1. These lace bras are soooo beautiful and sexy, and just seriously gorgeous! I think these look better for girls with a bit bigger breast, I have a small and it just doesn't look right on me and with these strapless brasses my breasts become even flatter, like a cutting board :)) oooh breast issues :)) But to have one or few of these beauties are cool anyway :))

  2. Gorgeous selections... can't decide with one is my fave!


  3. Lovely bra selection! I mostly buy mine at Calvin Klein and Victoria's Secret.

  4. These black lace bras look so elegant and sexy. Very nice selection.

  5. Haha, great quick post! I would love to own the Calvin Klien and the Chantelle one! I totally agree with what you say about smaller chested ladies not having to be envious of us with larger chests! It's so much easier to buy bras and just to not have back/shoulder/neck pains or being uncomfortable in certain clothes just because smaller chests don't give you those problems!

  6. these are all gorgeous - I love lace!! xx

  7. I agree with you ! Lately everything is made for a girls with smaller boobs and I want to be trendy too but I can't because i'm bustier. although I love all the pieces you published :))


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