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Yesterday I was asking on my Facebook page which post you'd like to read next on Clothes and Camera and this one was asked for most. So thanks to everybody who left their opinion, I might be asking you for post wishes more often in the future. Anyway let's talk bedside beauty. For me it all started off with a hand cream on my nightstand but by now I'm having several jars and tubes within reach of my bed. The reason is quite simple: Some products simply work better overnight or are handier to use in the evening. Here we go with my bedside favourites:

1. Hand Cream

Probably the most obvious nightly beauty essential. During the day I use hand cream far too little as I'm working on my laptop or phone all of the time and I don't want to smudge the screen or keyboard. So in the evening I apply a generous layer of hand cream to give my hands all the care they need.

2. Cuticle Cream

My cuticles tend to be really dry so plain hand cream won't be enough. Again the night is the perfect time to apply some super greasy magic cure like for example Lush's Lemony Flutter. 

3. Cotton Gloves

For an extra wellness session, and in order not to smudge my duvet cover, I sometimes wear cotton gloves over night. Like this my hands will be all smooth in the morning. You can get cheap ones in the drug store, like for example from Essence.

4. Lip Balm

Again I'm not a regular lip balm user and I find it most useful to apply it at night as it can work without me eating something all of the time. A good lip balm will still be palpable on my lips the other morning.

5. Hair Oil

If you take your showers in the morning you should definitely make use of the night to give your hair ends some extra care with hair oil or even virgin coconut oil. If you have really dry hair or a sensitive scalp you can even apply it to the roots and simply wash it out the other morning.

6. Hair Tie

Apparently it's better for long hair if it's tied together in a loose plait. Also you surely all have these nights when you simply can't sleep and everything is disturbing you, even your hair? Tie it up and enjoy a calm night without a bunch of hair in your face.

7. Pillow Spray

I've been saying a few words about the "deep sleep pillow spray" by thisworks in an earlier post about better sleep and I still like to use it from time to time. It's not really a beauty product but definitely encourages a good night's sleep which is the best beauty booster anyway.


  1. Hallo Carmen,
    Deng Photoen gefalen mir emmer gudd, et gesait en wirklech, dass Du Dir virdrun Gedanken mechs. Flott!
    Den Lush Lemony Flutter hun ech och, an sin ganz iwerzeegt dovun. LG, Julielovesbeauty

  2. I've been wanting to try that spray for a while now. I'm not a huge fan of lavender though but I am all for a good nights sleep so I'll try anything lol!


  3. I always have hand cream, oil for cuticles and lip balm on my nightstand. I have never ever tried the pillow spray, because I am afraid that it might cause sneezing, allergy..though I saw on the Internet girls using it quite often..

  4. I have none of these items on my bed stand, except for the hair tie. I have difficulties falling asleep, so the pillow spray would be a good idea.

  5. I so wanna try the pillow spray ;)


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