Beauty Empties: March

GARNIER Ultra Doux Le Shampooing Merveilleux argan and camellia oil
Gosh do I love the smell of camellia! I think they put it in every single candle and room scent at Zara Home because using the shampoo always reminds me of a Zara Home store... Strange, I know! Apart from that the main reason for buying the shampoo was the "paraben free" sign and the fact that I've been using the Ultra Doux shampoos all my childhood long. If you're interested in that very Ultra Doux series I also recommend you to read my review about the deep conditioner.

TREACLEMOON One Ginger Morning
A really fresh and indeed awakening scent. Apart from that I don't think that Treaclemoon products are better than any other brand, a nice packaging and a cute name but that's about it.

THE BODY SHOP Cocoa Body Butter
I had definitely forgotten how good the Body Shop body butters are! Perfect to use on still wet skin and I loved the warm yet decent smell of the cocoa one. Definitely suited for dry skin areas. 

THE BODY SHOP Ginger Sparkle Body Butter
I didn't like the ginger special edition butter quite as much as the cocoa one as the texture seemed slightly more artificial and it was probably also more intensely perfumed as it lightly pricked on my shaved skin. Apart from that it was equally good as the other Body Shop body butters. 

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic
As you might remember from my post about clear skin, I have totally fallen in love with two Lush products. First one is this amazing face mask which I could mash up myself at the last Lush party I attended. It really is heaven and makes my skin look super bright and clear in no time! Definitely the next Lush product I will repurchase.

LUSH Angels on Bare Skin
Second product that could convince me was this fresh cleanser which is really gentle and makes the skin all soft. The only downer which I noticed after a while: I only used it in the shower as it causes quite a bit of mess when being used but as I always took out the cleanser with wet fingers, the pot started looking a bit gross after a while and I was glad when I had used up the last bit. Thus if you wanna try this product make sure to only remove the cleanser with clean and dry hands.

BENEFIT Total Moisture Facial Cream
I had gotten this cream for the second time in my Benefit Advent calendar so it was not the first time I tried it. This time I noticed that it makes the skin all even and is thus the perfect basis for a foundation or other makeup. Nevertheless I prefer more natural and organic creams for my facial skin.

TECHNIC Brilliant Touch Highlighter & Blemish Corrector
Your might remember this product from my Technic cosmetics review and I really liked it until the end. Only problem: The end came pretty soon as it was empty in no time! For me a reason not to repurchase it, no matter how cheap it was. If you still wanna try it: The shade "natural" is really light but the concealer is perfectly covering dark under eye circles and makes you look much more awake. 

MANHATTAN Nail Whitener
I don't think this product is still being sold but I found it when cleaning up my nail polish drawer and noticed that I really liked to use it back in the days as it has about the same effects as my beloved L'Oréal Miracle Repair


  1. I have been using the Garnier Ultra doux shampoos for some time and I love them. still have to try this one though. sounds lovely :D and i agree with the LUSH scrub. it's my favorite. about the treaclemoon, I have been eyeing them but wasn't really sure if I'd get them (mostly because i have too many shower gels&body lotions)

  2. I like the feeling of emptying things, because then I don't feel guilty buying new stuff :))) yess, body shop butters are great and I tend to use them during the winter, in the summer time they are a bit too thick and oily for me.

  3. I don't know why, ut I really like these kind of empties posts ;) Loved reading about the products that you used this month, I think I'd like to try the GARNIER Ultra Doux shampoo ;)

  4. I'm loving the Garnier shampoo and conditioner! I picked up the cocoa ones but left them at my boyfriends, sob. They make my hair feel so good :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks


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