Beauty Empties: March

GARNIER Ultra Doux Le Shampooing Merveilleux argan and camellia oil
Gosh do I love the smell of camellia! I think they put it in every single candle and room scent at Zara Home because using the shampoo always reminds me of a Zara Home store... Strange, I know! Apart from that the main reason for buying the shampoo was the "paraben free" sign and the fact that I've been using the Ultra Doux shampoos all my childhood long. If you're interested in that very Ultra Doux series I also recommend you to read my review about the deep conditioner.


Time Machine - Post Roundup

I'm reading lots of "Blogging Tips" posts as I always want to improve my own little space on the web. Lately I've been reading the same tip over and over again: "Promote posts from your archives!". At first I wasn't sure about that because I felt my blog has improved a lot over the last few months and I didn't really wanna dig out less well-made posts from my beginnings. However I dared to have a look at what I've been blogging about in March 2014, thus exactly one year ago. And what did I find? Lots of posts that weren't that bad and that I had completely forgotten about. And chances are you have, too or weren't a reader of my blog back then. So why not share 5 favourite posts every month, dating back exactly one year ago? Shall we have a look at what I created in March 2014?


Puffy Eyes? Try These Quick & Easy Tricks

On Wednesday I woke up with one eye lid terribly swollen. In fact that happens to me from time to time so I didn't pay much attention to it and tried to cover it with makeup as well as possible (I found out that Benefit's "Stay Don't Stray" is great to cover up redness!). Unfortunately my eye didn't get better the next days and my eyelid even turned red like a tomato. Time to see a doctor... Diagnosis: The oil gland of one of my lashes had become inflamed. Have you every heard of something like that? Well I hadn't but now I got some cream and my eye starts looking like normal again. Anyway why am I telling you my booboo? Well, it gave me the idea for this post...



matching nail polish lipstick

How about going a bit matchy-matchy today? Not talking about your outfit though, but your makeup and manicure! If you're a nail polish (or lipstick) addict like me, you won't have a hard time finding matching nail polish for about every lipstick or lipgloss you own. For example how about some nice nude action or an all over flashy look? I think I'll be going for an intense pink with the Herôme nail polish and the Astor Lip Lacquer which is being hyped a lot lately. Have you already tried it or would you like a review?


Monoprix Wish List

Monoprix mode fashion printemps été vêtements

blue pants - 34,99€, striped sweater - 29,99€, metallic shoes - 39,99€, coat - 89,99€, striped bag - 29,99€

I think I've been mentioning Monoprix more than once on my blog and social media channels but in case you missed out on my rave: It's a French supermarket wich I first entered in Paris and which has since then always reminded me of that lovely city. However Monoprix is much more than a regular supermarket because it also has a huge range of fashion and amazing French cosmetics. So imagine how lucky I was when I won a 35€ Monoprix voucher lately. I already went to our local store to check out the clothing range and I highly fell in love with the blue coat above! Unfortunately they didn't have my size anymore so I will check back today to get myself one of these other amazing pieces. Which one is your favourite?


Go Gusto Juice Cleanse

Go Gusto detox juice cleanse

As announced on my Instagram account, I did the Go Gusto juice cleanse on Saturday. Go Gusto is a Luxembourgish company who started producing fresh juices one year ago and who has since then been known as THE local source for cleansing and detox. They kindly offered me a one-day juice cleanse to try and review for you guys and if you wanna know if I managed to only drink juice for a whole day, you should keep on reading...


Rockport: The Comfortable Pumps

You already saw them on my Instagram account and in my latest outfit post but now I'm finally gonna talk about these really special pumps. Why are they so special? Well because Rockport has done everything to make them as comfortable as possible. Curious?


Event: Lady Panoplie at House17

Lady Panoplie House17

In Luxembourg we have these Lady Panoplie events, which are being organised in partnership with "Passe-Moi L'Sel Chérie", a boutique promoting jewellery and accessory designers. But the events aren't only about accessories, but basically about everything a girl's heart desires (we're talking about bun bars, massages, beauty workshops,...). This time the event took place at House17, a location I knew from Emilie's blogging classes. So what exactly did I discover there and would I recommend the event to you? Read on and find out...


OOTD: Kimono Love

fashion blogger luxembourg blogueuse mode

Yesterday I went to the Lady Panoplie, a special event in Luxembourg which I will be talking about in detail in my next post. I wanted to wear my Rockport pumps (and I had promised you a post about these as well, which will also follow these days) but lately I don't like overly elegant looks, so I combined them with a pair of jeans. To still make the look suitable for a night at the sophisticated House 17, the location of this month's Lady Panoplie, I added this flower kimono which I've been having for years and which I love to wear sporadically.


My Nail Care Routine

nail care routine products p2 l'Oréal

You may have noticed it, I have stopped doing regular Manic(ure) Monday posts some months ago. It's not that I stopped using nail polish, I just had the feeling that nail arts don't match my style anymore, which has definitely become more simplistic. Also my nails were in a huge mess after years of weekly nail polish use. So lately I was more into finding a nail care routine than recreating the latest nail arts. However who says that you as my readers won't be able to benefit from this change? Here are my favourite products for healthy nails:


OOTD: Ice Princess

outfit grey coat silver blue fashion blogger luxembourg ice rink

On Sunday some of the Luxembourgish bloggers were invited to attend a figure skating gala, something I've never been to before but always love watching on TV whenever I come across it by chance. I went there with Claude from Imagine The Swallows and we took the opportunity to shoot some outfit pictures before. It was my first time shooting with Claude but I love her sense for creative picture angles so I hope we can repeat it soon enough.


Mirrow - This App Tells You What To Wear

Mirrow clothing what to wear personal stylist app

If you're reading this and you're female you surely already had this "I don't know what to wear" moment at least once in your life. I'm having it about every day but I only really care when I'm going to an important event or when I know I want to take pictures for the blog. As you can't go out and buy something new whenever you think you don't have anything to wear, it's all about combining the clothes you already have in a new and exciting way. But the more clothes you have, the harder it gets to stay on top of things. And that's where this app comes in quite handy.


StellaSport: Workout Look Must Haves

Adidas StellaSport Stella Mc Cartney sportswear

On Thursday I went to a sporting-goods shop 'cause I was in desperate need of new sweat pants. When I had already chosen a pair I came across the most wonderful workout garments a girl could dream of. And yep, we're talking about the pink explosion above.


Bedside Beauty Staples

bedside beauty staples essentials sleeping

Yesterday I was asking on my Facebook page which post you'd like to read next on Clothes and Camera and this one was asked for most. So thanks to everybody who left their opinion, I might be asking you for post wishes more often in the future. Anyway let's talk bedside beauty. For me it all started off with a hand cream on my nightstand but by now I'm having several jars and tubes within reach of my bed. The reason is quite simple: Some products simply work better overnight or are handier to use in the evening. Here we go with my bedside favourites:


OOTD: Sun and Stripes

outfit spring white blazer striped blouse

As you know from yesterday's post I went to discover the newly opened Chocolate House in Ettelbrück with my sister on Monday. We've been having a really sunny weekend and luckily enough spring was still at its best at the beginning of the week. That's how I could actually leave the house with just a blazer and I even had to fetch my sunnies. Are you as excited about the beginning of spring as I am? All these clothes and shoes (most importantly shoes!) that are waiting to be paraded again...


Chocolate House Ettelbrück

Chocolate House Ettelbrück Ettelbréck

Sometimes straying from the track can lead to good things. Oh, no, I'm not trying to be philosophical today, this was meant quite literally. Ettelbrück is one of the biggest cities in the north of Luxembourg so I pass through it on my way to university three times a week. While usually I take the shortest path from the parking area to the central station, I decided to pass through the city centre on Thursday when a friend from Germany was visiting me. And what did we see? A new Chocolate House under construction!


3 Things To Wear This Month

long culottes outfit combination

1. Culottes
Every year around this time, fashion editors try to tell us that culottes are the next big thing, while in fact they never really establish as a mainstream trend. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be and maybe they're the expression of a daring fashion elite. But what if finally this year we would all dare to get a pair and actually wear it, too? While most culottes have a three-quarter length, this pair above looks so classy that it should look good on about every woman. So long as you wear it with the right shoes...


H&M Studio AW15

H&M Studio Autumn Winter 2015 show Paris

On Wednesday I watched the H&M Studio autumn/winter 2015 show in Paris via livestream. It's the only show from this season's fashion weeks that I want to introduce on my blog, not because it's the best, but because it probably is the most accessible one.


How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Instagram photo editing apps filters

Just because I think that Instagram is just for pictures taken with a phone doesn't mean the pics can't get a good editing. Also on the phone of course. And no, I'm not gonna talk about VSCO Cam 'cause I'm probably the only blogger who doesn't like to use it. However only relying on the Instagram filters isn't a good idea either because most of them are just over the top. So here we go with my favourite and easy-to use editing apps:


How To Style A Fringe

hair styling straightener fringe bangs

I don't think there's anything that changes quite as much about a face as the fringe. A straight one, an asymmetrical one or none - it does make a change. That's why there are different fringe types for different face shapes. If you have a small forehead, bangs may look weird on you whereas if you have a round face, a rounded fringe may reinforce that look. I am not going into detail on this as all women's magazines on this planet surely already wrote an article on that topic. What I'm gonna do however is tell you about my fringe routine and give you all the tips I know to rock them bangs!


OOTD: Wort

ootd casual city look

On Friday I was invited to the "Luxemburger Wort" newspaper headquarters to celebrate the launch of their new "Blogosphere" section that features a bunch of Luxembourgish blogs. To me this project is yet another step forward in the process of providing local bloggers with the recognition they deserve.

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