What I'd Like to Wear Right Now

I don't know why but currently I'm really into silver and metallic accessories. From shoes over jewellery to bags - I just can't get enough of the trend. Earlier today when I saw this long Topshop vest I immediately imagined how I would wear it with ripped jeans and silver pumps. As it's still winter I added a grey turtleneck and a matching hat. 
Also it's funny how I used to love colourful outfits about one or two years ago. The brighter the better was my mantra, but nowadays I try to stick to black, grey and dark blue as much as possible. It's definitely a growing up thing but then again I sometimes wonder whether colourful is still trendy at all? I guess the fashion and film industry currently agree on the 50 shades of grey...


  1. schööööner look!

    <a href="http://heylilahey.com/“>heylilahey</a>

  2. Dann schlag zu! Ich glaub der Look würde dir toll stehen und silberne Schuhe hast du ja schon von Clarks :))

    liebste Grüße

  3. I wouldn't mind to wear this whole outfit now! :)) You put very nice clothes and accessories!!!!

  4. Perfekte Kombination! Würde an dir sicher noch gleich viel besser aussehen :)

    Michelle -

    www.allclassix.blogspot.de ·


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