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Some products have been neglected in my beauty routine for way too long, which is why they've also been neglected on this blog. I guess it's normal not to use every single beauty product available but from my many review you surely know that I'm curious to try out new things so I plunged into the magical world of primers.

When you hear primer you surely think about foundation primers first, but in fact there are primers for every part of your face. And they come in different types, too. From sticks over pencils to liquids in tubes. Let's take a look at the primers from the picture above sou you can get an idea of the various types. First of all there's the classical foundation primer in a tube. Mine is from Mary Kay and it's a silky transparent cream. Then I also have this sample size of the Benefit "Stay Falwless 15-Hours Primer" which comes as a stick and is a bit harder to apply even though the texture melts on the skin. Also from Benefit is the "Stay Don't Stray" primer for concealers and eyeshadows. It comes with an applicator and has a matte finish. The eye primer pencil from p2 is light pink and has a light shimmer. Unfortunately it's really unpleasant to apply as it's too firm. Last but not least I also have a lip primer in my collection, namely the p2 "Perfect Lips refine + prime lip base". It is beige like foundation and you really gotta take care not to apply too much. Funnily enough it perfectly doubles as a nude lippie.

Why using primer?

Primers have three main benefits: They smooth the surface of your skin and thus simplify an even application of cosmetics, they pronounce the color of your makeup (in case of eyeshadow and lipstick) and they ensure your makeup stays on longer and better. Furthermore eye primers prevent any eyeshadow and concealer from settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Foundation primers are available for different skin types so they might help control greasy skin. They are also said to seal in your face care and those who come with an SPF can grant extra protection for your skin. Finally some primers have the effect to brighten the skin as they contain light-relecting pigments. This allows you to look younger and fresher, too. 

Are there possible disadvantages? 

Lots of primers contain silicone which lays on the skin like a film. This may prevent the skin from breathing or sweating properly, which again may result in breakouts. Luckily I never experienced any change of my skin after the use of primers, but then again I'm not a regular user. 

Which one to buy?

As you could see the range of primers is endless and there is one for every skin type and every part of your face. After having tested quite a few of them I would recommend not buying stick or pencil primers as they are quite hard to apply. Apart from that anything that has a neutral colour and maybe also mats the skin should be perfect. From my own primers I prefer the Mary Kay foundation primer and the Benefit "Stay Don't Stray". As for the lip primer I think it's not that necessary unless you're a regular lipstick wearer. 


  1. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

  2. Hi Carmen!
    It's so funny because tomorrow I'll talk about Guerlain Terracotta on my blog and at the end of the article, I say 2 words about eyes primer and makeup setting spray (for a next article in few weeks..)... So, I use the urban decay for eyes, sometimes the Sephora one and for the face the Urban decay as spray! Love them!
    See you! :-)

  3. Body Shop Instablurr is worth a go! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  4. i always use primer too! i love TBS instablur :)

  5. I occasionally use primers, sometimes even in combination with foundation. My favourite primer is by Paul & Joe.

  6. I use a prime from time to time, mostly when I go to an event. I have from Inglot. But lip primer?? I never heard about it, it would interesting to try :)


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