10 Most Inspiring Fashion Bloggers from Lux

As you surely know from previous posts, or my many Instagram pictures from blogger meetings, the blogger community in Luxembourg is growing. And as I know most of the bloggers myself I found it would be nice to share their blogs on my social media accounts from time to time. Yesterday one of the fashion bloggers posted another gorgeous look and I was like: "Yeah, she's definitely my favourite fashion blogger from over here!" But then I thought about the many other fashion bloggers I know and all at a sudden I couldn't choose a single favourite anymore. That's how I decided to share the 10 most inspirational local fashion blogs with you.

Emilie is the only professional fashion blogger from Luxembourg so she gets to travel the world regularly and attend all the important fashion weeks. I think that clearly shows in her style which is really cosmopolitan and modern.

Imena is one of our youngest community members so her style is really fun and she's always happy to try out new things. Also she's not afraid to do her own thing in the oh so conservative Luxembourg and that's what I love about her style. 

Monika manages to amaze me whenever I see her. Her style is feminine and modern at the same time and it shows that she knows what she wants to reach in her life. She really incorporated the so called effortless chic and I guess she would be the perfect Parisian!

Sun doesn't only have the body of a model but also dresses like one. She definitely knows all the hot brands and fashion trends and makes them look wearable in everyday life. 

Ivania has a really classy style and manages to combine elegant and playful pieces perfectly. One can really see that she's been blogging for quite a while and that by now she perfectly knows what suits her.

KaoriAnne is partly living in London which perfectly reflects in her style. She always seems to wear that one piece, nobody else has in their closet.

Claude really is a role model for me in so many ways. Her blog was one of the first Luxembourgish blogs I've been reading and I always loved her outfits. She has a modern look with a sporty twist and almost always wears black, white and grey. However she manages to never make her outfits look boring and comes up with sheer endless ways of combining her wardrobe.

Ariane has a really high-class style and always looks like a rich business lady. Yet she manages to include playful elements into her wardrobe and experiment with different styles like you can perfectly see in the picture above. 

Kimberly has a really modern and simplistic style. She never misses a street style trend and definitely has found her own signature look.

Kristiana has been in this fashion blogging business for a really long time and yet she isn't rid of experimenting and trying different styles. She wears skirts and dresses a lot and has been inspired by the UK style as well. Also her wardrobe seems to be unlimited but she rocks every outfit she's wearing.

Don't forget to check out all of the blogs yourselves as every single one is definitely worth a visit!

(Pictures 2, 3 and 8 by Anouk)


  1. Super Post! Fillen mech geschmeichelt fun dengen Wieder, villmols Merci :*

    x Claude

    1. Ganz gärgeschitt! Du an däi Blog verdéngen definitiv bëssen Opmierksamkeet :)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Carmen!!! It made me so happy!! :*** All these ladies have different, yet amazing styles! I really enjoyed your post!

    1. You're really welcome my lovely Monika!

  3. interesting post. cant wait to check out their blogs

  4. Beautiful post. All these styles are fabulous.

  5. I love this post, it's given me so much reading material and I can't believe that I only know half of them - apparently I've been living under a rock :) xx

    beauty visions

  6. wirklech eng gut idee deen post(:
    an merci fir dei leif wieder! :))

  7. Great look:) I like your coat:)

  8. amazing bloggers! thank you for sharing this

  9. Sehr viele neue Blogger dadurch kennen gelernt. Mich interessiert Sunzibar und Katherade am Meisten, die stechen so raus aus der Menge!
    Liebe Grüße


  10. Awesome post. I recognise a few faces and some I didn't. Also surprised to find out some familiar faces are from Luxembourg! I had no idea.


  11. Hey Carmen, hunn elo och emol de Post entdeckt, merci fir deng léif Wierder, du hues eis all richteg an Scene gesat <3

    Och wann ech net oft op aner Bloggersaite kucke ginn, muss ech der awer e Kompliment machen. Well wann ech mol op denger Sait sinn, fannen ech deng Artikelen ganz interessant ze liesen, an deng Fotoen sinn immens schéin unzekucken!!


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