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Braccialini spring summer creations

In a world where every girl has at least either a bag from Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton or CĂ©line, it can be hard to stand out with your own style. However a bag can be the perfect statement piece and define the outfit you're wearing...
The most creative bags I know are certainly the ones from Braccialini. It's an Italian brand that sells bags of all kind, from regular plain handbags, over bags that look like cars, towards the most inspiring creations like the ones above. Of course the more creative ones are also more expensive but the quality is certainly great. Thanks to my awesome boyfriend I own three Braccialini bags myself: A normal white handbag, a clutch with perfume design and a purse style chain bag.
So why don't you check out the designs yourselves? I'm really into the rose garden creations from the new spring/summer collection!


  1. interesting designs...and you're right. Having an unique bag really makes a difference!


  2. Ahh, I really love such quirky and cute bags! I would love to have each and every bag you have presented in this post! :)


  3. These bags are so cute and unique. They design and create it really well.

  4. I love the bags, especially the "Ibiza"-bag <3


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