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Vapiano blogger event luxembourg

Do you know Vapiano? It's an Italian restaurant chain that prepares fresh pasta, pizza and salad before your very eyes. I loved the concept right from the beginning, not only because of the cooking but also because of the relaxed and welcoming interior of the restaurants and the fresh herbs and plants which you can find everywhere. In Luxembourg city Vapiano shortly opened its second restaurant, near the central station. On Monday evening us bloggers were invited there to take part in a cooking workshop and attend the monthly ladies night...

Vapaino fresh precooked pasta

Vapiano cooking behind the scenes

Vapiano ingredients

Vapiano kitchen behind the scenes

Vapiano Pasta All'Arrabbiata

Vapiano decoration interior

Scampi e Spinaci pasta Vapiano

First we got to prepare our dinner, the one half of use made pizza while I joined the pasta workshop. The chefs at Vapiano are so incredibly quick in what they're doing but I guess my cooking would speed up, too if I had every ingredient ready and cut in front of me. What I find most interesting about the Vapiano cuisine is the range of precooked noodles from penne to spaghetti, also available with whole wheat. Together with Anna I shared the All'Arrabbiata and the Scampi e Spinaci pasta.

Vapiano Luxembourg Bar

Vapiano cocktails mojito strawberry

Vapiano bar

Vapiano cocktail workshop

Vapiano strawberry mojito

Vapiano pasticceria

Vapiano dolci crema di fragola

Vapiano Luxembourg Gare Ladies Night goodie bag

After enjoying our dinner it was time to get active again so one part of our group made dessert (Crema di Fragola) and some other bloggers and I had a sneak behind the bar and made our own strawberry mojitos. After enjoying all of it I was really full and I would have loved to stay for the ladies night, for which they had organised a hair bar, but unfortunately I had to catch my train. However the kind PR lady didn't let us go without a goodie bag containing a rosemary pot and a Vapiano apron. This event surely boosted my hunger for Italian food so I'll try to get to Vapiano as soon as possible again, for a more relaxed evening and to try even more pasta dishes.


  1. Yum! I feel like going back right now for more of that Crema di Fragola!! ;) It was a lovely event and I loved meeting so many kind bloggers :) Your post and photos are gorgeous x


  2. hi carmen,
    you know i'm Italian..i love pasta...and italian food is fab..
    very nice pics

  3. Ahh, Italian food is my favorite, if I would have to choose only one cuisine for the rest of my life, I would totally choose Italian- everything is just so, so tasty!
    It looks like you had a really great event, the food looks way too delicious! Yum!


  4. Looks so much fun! Italian food looks so fresh and delicious. It would be fun to make those drinks too.

  5. AHHH! I'm sooo jealous! What an awesome dinner and meet up! Those pastas look awesome and I love the look of those drinks you've got there! Now I wanna go make a cocktail!

  6. Schöner Post! Ich frag mich nur wie du die Fotos hinter dem Fotografen gemacht hast? Durftest in die Küche rein? :D

    liebste Grüße,



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