Beauty Empties: February

beauty empties february garnier yves Rocher

GARNIER Fructis Schadenlöscher shampoo & conditioner
This hair care series promises to repair hair damages from the last 12 months and even says to reduce spliss. While no hair product can actually cure spliss (once you have it you gotta cut it) the shampoo and conditioner are still good products. They made my hair shiny and soft, which is actually all I'm demanding from my hair care. The smell is nice and fresh, too.

YVES ROCHER Apricot Fruity Scrub
This scrub is made from apricot stones which make a really gentle but effective scrub. The smell is sweet but not too scented for the skin. Definitely a reliable face scrub with which you can't go wrong.

YVES ROCHER Beauté Des Pieds foot polishing scrub
I quite like the Yves Rocher Beauté des Pies series as it smells of lavender. The scrub is obviously coarser than most body scrubs but I still don't think you need a special foot scrub as any regular one will do it, too.

LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS Crème Mains Nourrissante
Definitely one of the best hand creams I tried so far. It made my skin soft within seconds without being sticky and it was so pleasant to apply. The sweet smell wasn't wrong either. 

MANHATTAN Volcano Precise volume & definition mascara
At first I didn't like it much but as the texture of a mascara changes after the first uses I got along with it in the end. The brush is made of silicone and has a regular shape and size which separates the lashes quite well and add quite a bit of length. Unfortunately it doesn't stay on as well as other expensive mascaras so I often had to clean up mascara from under my eyes. 


  1. d'Handcreme ass och eng fun mengen Favourites, ech haasen et wann se net direkt anzéihen!:)

    x Claude

  2. Nice review dear. I never have any of this!

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  3. I absolutely have to try some of those products ! That hand cream looks really good!

  4. Nice products dear!



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