Beauty Empties: February

beauty empties february garnier yves Rocher

GARNIER Fructis Schadenlöscher shampoo & conditioner
This hair care series promises to repair hair damages from the last 12 months and even says to reduce spliss. While no hair product can actually cure spliss (once you have it you gotta cut it) the shampoo and conditioner are still good products. They made my hair shiny and soft, which is actually all I'm demanding from my hair care. The smell is nice and fresh, too.


Spring Nailpolish & Manicure

pastel spring nail polish 2015 essie orange p2 lilac

Okay, okay, I know winter isn't quite over yet. I mean we still had snow here this week and will probably be getting some more. But it's never too early to think about the next season so today I wanna get you in the mood for spring with lovely pastels. Thinking about two nail polish colours for spring, I picked the same ones that I adored last year, namely orange and lilac. I still don't get over how Essie's "Tart Deco" is flashy and pastel at the same time. Definitely a shade that will make your nails stand out. The pastel lilac (p2 "Sweet Darling") on the other hand is quite decent but therefor super versatile.


Primer Talk

Some products have been neglected in my beauty routine for way too long, which is why they've also been neglected on this blog. I guess it's normal not to use every single beauty product available but from my many review you surely know that I'm curious to try out new things so I plunged into the magical world of primers.


10 Most Inspiring Fashion Bloggers from Lux

As you surely know from previous posts, or my many Instagram pictures from blogger meetings, the blogger community in Luxembourg is growing. And as I know most of the bloggers myself I found it would be nice to share their blogs on my social media accounts from time to time. Yesterday one of the fashion bloggers posted another gorgeous look and I was like: "Yeah, she's definitely my favourite fashion blogger from over here!" But then I thought about the many other fashion bloggers I know and all at a sudden I couldn't choose a single favourite anymore. That's how I decided to share the 10 most inspirational local fashion blogs with you.


OOTD: Camel & White

fashion blogger luxembourg outfit shooting

Another really busy week is coming to an end. On Tuesday classes started again and after 6 hours at university I drove to Luxembourg city for a presentation about the Luxembourgish blogger community in front of the very lovely Geek Girls Carrots group. On Thursday a camera team joined me at home for an interview and a report about my work as a blogger. The two were really nice and it was so much fun filming with them. So I was really glad to see them again yesterday as they joined me and some other bloggers for our February meeting. They also filmed me and my friend Imena, taking these outfit pictures and I really can't wait to see their report once it's finished. The meeting was really lovely, too as we were quite a few people and I got to know some new faces. Sometimes the work for blogger_LU is a bit stressful and frustrating but it's meetups like these that remember me why I'm doing it after all.


Favourite Jewellery of the Moment

gold jewellery second hand earrings

I believe that an outfit without jewellery (or at least a watch) isn't complete. But then again I also believe in the power of delicate jewellery. I've been wearing every single of the shown pieces in outfit posts before but I think they all deserve a closer look as I've been counting them among my favourites for quite a while.


Tried and Tested: Max Factor Masterpiece

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara

If I had to give up cosmetics and could keep just one single product it would definitely be a mascara (even though I'd be missing foundation a lot, too). I just feel incomplete without it and I certainly think that the eye makeup makes the biggest change in a woman's face. If you're a mascara addict like me you've certainly been through it as well: The quest for the best mascara available. I've been through at least 20 mascaras and still wouldn't say I've found the ultimate one. However the Max Factor Masterpiece Transform comes pretty close...


OOTD: Soft Grey

ootd grey tartan winter look fashion blogger Luxembourg

Sometimes an outfit just needs to be cosy, like for example today on my first day back at university. But who says cosy automatically excludes elegant?


What I'd Like to Wear Right Now

I don't know why but currently I'm really into silver and metallic accessories. From shoes over jewellery to bags - I just can't get enough of the trend. Earlier today when I saw this long Topshop vest I immediately imagined how I would wear it with ripped jeans and silver pumps. As it's still winter I added a grey turtleneck and a matching hat. 
Also it's funny how I used to love colourful outfits about one or two years ago. The brighter the better was my mantra, but nowadays I try to stick to black, grey and dark blue as much as possible. It's definitely a growing up thing but then again I sometimes wonder whether colourful is still trendy at all? I guess the fashion and film industry currently agree on the 50 shades of grey...


Braccialini - The Creative Bags

Braccialini spring summer creations

In a world where every girl has at least either a bag from Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton or Céline, it can be hard to stand out with your own style. However a bag can be the perfect statement piece and define the outfit you're wearing...


3 Ingredients for Clear Skin

clear skin beauty products zinc tea tree oil clay

When I was younger I often asked myself: "If you had to choose between the perfect body and the perfect skin, what would you opt for?" and funnily enough I've always held it with the perfect skin. Because I mean what's 10kg too much if you don't have cellulite? And what's an average pretty face if you have a skin like a goddess? Maybe I'm just thinking that way because I had really bad skin in my teens (talking about some serious acne here) and still nowadays I'm rarely pimple-free. Luckily enough by now I know what works for my skin and what doesn't and these days I prefer products with the following 3 ingredients.


5 Things That Annoy Me About Instagram

Instagram app iPhone 6

A not so serious post. Because we all have these days...


New In: Shoe Talk

Clarks Aquifer Belle Metallic Silver

If you're following me on Instagram you already know that last week was all about shoes. Despite some obstacles I was able to attend the second FashionBloggerCafé shoedition which took place on a huge shoe fair trade in Germany. Needless to say that all sponsors and partners of the blogger event came from the shoe business. That's how I was able to get a brand new pair of shiny shoes all for free! Yup, we're talking about the Clarks babies above. From my outfits you might know I have a crush for anything metallic and from my latest shoe hauls and wish lists you might also know that I'm super into pointed shoes this season. Now I just have to decide whether I first wear them with a pair of jeans or rather a black skirt...


FashionBloggerCafé Shoedition II

The last few days have been super busy and it feels like it's the first time in ages I can just sit and write down my latest impressions. On Wednesday I went to Bonn with a Luxembourgish friend of mine who still studies there. The perfect occasion for me to see my best friend again and go to some of my favourite restaurants and cafés. Plus I even discovered a new one: SoHo kitchen, a restaurant and lounge located in a cellar. The highlight of this week however, was the FashionBloggerCafé which took place in Düsseldorf.


Bloggers at Vapiano

Vapiano blogger event luxembourg

Do you know Vapiano? It's an Italian restaurant chain that prepares fresh pasta, pizza and salad before your very eyes. I loved the concept right from the beginning, not only because of the cooking but also because of the relaxed and welcoming interior of the restaurants and the fresh herbs and plants which you can find everywhere. In Luxembourg city Vapiano shortly opened its second restaurant, near the central station. On Monday evening us bloggers were invited there to take part in a cooking workshop and attend the monthly ladies night...


OOTD: French Winter

ootd outfit look french parisienne beret stripes

Sometimes it's really fun to observe how an outfit comes about. When choosing my look for last Sunday, all I knew was that I wanted to wear a black dress. At first I had planned to wear it with my kimono but it turned out that the combination would have looked strange. So I thought about wearing the dress as a skirt by combining it with a sweater. My choice fell upon this striped one and together with the beret I had gone from an Asian inspired outfit to a French winter look.


Lush Valentine's Specials & Blogparty

LUSH Valentine's specials products 2015

On Thursday I went to what I thought would be a calm press event but it was at Lush and Lush makes every event a little more special. We were presented the new Valentine's products in the most creative and fun way and again we were allowed to create our own Lush goodness! But let's start off with the new Valentine's specials...

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