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Wearing a watch used to be a necessity back in the good old pre-mobile-phone-days. I remember that when I was a little girl I always had these super cool, colourful Flik Flak ones! Do you remember them? Over the years however, wearing a watch became too annoying and I only rediscovered their benefits some years ago when I became more interested in jewellery in general. By now I own quite a few watches and I think that every women should have at least one. Here are my four favourites:

1. Casio

Honestly there is no alternative to the Casio retro watches. They literally go with everything and just look so laid-back (maybe because they're unisex?). I have it in gold but I totally want to add a silver one to my collection, to wear with black, grey and blue. The good thing is that they aren't expensive at all and I must admit that sometimes I find it easier to read a digital watch.

2. Daniel Wellington

A classic which by now every blogger should know. It only joined my collection last week but it has been love at first sight! The clock-face is really big and together with the coloured wristband it definitely makes a statement. Plus I adore the fact that it comes in rose gold!

3. ICE Watch

I mainly bought this watch for the bling bling and I've been loving it for many years! Nowadays I prefer more simple jewellery and watches but I still think it's beautiful to look at.

4. Zenith

This tiny beauty is really dear to my heart as it's a vintage Swiss watch which I got from my grandma. You have to wind it up every 24 hours which makes it even more special. I've always adored that it's smaller than any watch you will find on the market nowadays and funnily enough I read in this months InStyle that tiny watches (with a clock-face smaller than a 20 cent piece) are super popular right now.


  1. Lovely collection! I also like watches, actually I can't leave home without wearing it, otherwise I feel like nude :)))

  2. Ech lieben Auren! :D D'Casio ass eng, déi ech ëmmer kucken, mee mech dann ni dofir kann décidéiren. ^^'
    Hun selwer eng Daniel Wellington, mee mat engem Liedersband. Mengen et ass d'Classic Bristol.
    Am Moment ass eng speziell Diesel op menger Lëscht (leider nët méi an den Buttécker, ergo Second Hand wahrscheinlech) and och eng Nixon. Mee muss een nach bëssi spueren. ;)


  3. I've the exact same casio watch haha they're amazing! x


  4. I want them all ! you have a lovely selection of watches :))
    you totally brought back memories with mentioning flik flak watches xD

  5. Gorgeous watches, what a pretty collection! <3

    I have a new post on my blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  6. Tolle Uhren hast du da! Ich habe selber eine Casio und finde sie super praktisch, sie ist klein und handlich. Aber bei der Daniel Wellington Uhr könnte ich wirklich schwach werden - wird wohl mal Zeit für etwas Neues.

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  7. Lovely watch collection! I used to have a Casio as well.

  8. I like the casio watch the most.
    I have a swatch one and I am really glad I decided to invest in a good quality watch.
    Retro is everything :D


  9. Nice watches, love the second :)



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