Top 10 Beauty Discoveries of 2014

top 10 favourite beauty products 2014

In 2014 I have literally been glutted with beauty products. A goodie bag here, a sponsored review there, a beauty trend to follow or a recommendation from a fellow blogger, made me hoard beauty products of all kinds and brands. And with all this opulence I haven't even been able to try (not even open) all of the products I got last year. And even the ones that I have tried and approved didn't all make it onto the blog yet. However I don't want to hide all this goodness from you, especially not the top 10 products that I've discovered and loved in 2014 and will keep on using in 2015. 

LA ROCHE-POSAY Serozinc - One of the latest additions to my beauty collection is the hyped zinc sulfate solution by La Roche-Posay. Gabriella had recommended it on her Instagram account and later on I saw several bloggers from the UK advertising it as well. Just like most La Roche-Posay products it wasn't a bargain (I paid 10,22€ at the pharmacy) but I was a bit in despair as my skin was really chaotic the last few months. The solution is said to be cleansing and soothing and even though I just used it on my face so far, you can apparently also use it to sooth razor burn. I definitely gotta try that out but I can already tell you that for my facial skin it works perfectly well. Definitely a product I wouldn't wanna miss in 2015.

LA ROCHE-POSAY Anthelios XL - Way earlier last year I got yet another La Roche-Posay product but this time not a blogger but my dermatologist had recommended it to me. I have some kind of a sun allergy so I always need to be super careful when going on holiday. This sunscreen however prevented any rash and being a "dry touch gel cream" it was surprisingly pleasant to use in my face. No more beach holiday without it!

BALEA Sonnenschutzspray - Another sun care product I've loved this summer is the hair protection spray from Balea which was surprisingly light and nourished my hair without making it look greasy. For more information about both sun care products you can read my post about sun protection.

ALLPRESAN Intense Repair Schaum-Creme - This is one of the products I wouldn't have discovered if it wouldn't have been for a sponsored post. It's a foam cream for the feet and works so well. Hello smooth skin! Head this way for the whole review.

MOD'S HAIR Crème Anti Frizz - Another product I haven't been talking about on the blog is this anti frizz hair lotion from a French hair salon. I guess getting this very product won't be easy so basically what I'm recommending is trying any anti frizz product if you haven't already. My hair is naturally straight and yet wet weather makes it look quite fuzzy so whenever I have an important date or shooting outside, I'm using this to fix my hairdo. 

top 10 favourite cosmetic products 2014

L'ORÉAL La Manucure Miracle Repair 7 - The product that saved my nails in 2014. And believe me they've been looking bad! Yearly weekly manicures have been making them all brittle but I didn't wanna quit nail polish entirely. Using this all in one base coat, the nail polish I apply doesn't ruin my nails anymore, it stays on way better and I haven't had chipped nail tips in ages!

TECHNIC Electric Beauty glitter liquid eyeliner - As you might know from my Technic review I found a low budget cosmetic brand which really convinced me. My favourite product from the range is this liquid glitter eyeliner which I've been abusing all holiday season long. Next party here I come!

HELENA RUBINSTEIN Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom - A product which I've been able to try thanks to Paris 8 is this lip boosting care. I haven't tested the long-term effect yet, but it gives an instant puff up effect which I really need on my small lips. I also love how it reinforces the natural colour of your lips so you can use it all alone for a natural yet sexy look.

MANHATTAN Dip Eyeliner Waterproof - Did you know that I secretly admire girls who use eyeliner or lipstick on a daily basis? I would love to be one of them but I'm just too lazy as both eyeliner and lipstick are the cosmetics that take me most time to apply. My sister however is really into eyeliner and values it even more than mascara (my Holy Grail). When I needed a new eyeliner myself she recommended me this one which isn't expensive at all but does quite a good job. What I love is that it comes with a felt tip but still it's a dip eyeliner. That allows you to get a really precise yet deep black result. Perfect!

p2 Dress Code Happy look of love blush 010 sweetheart - Last but not least another blogger recommendation, namely from Julia, who looks most adorable with this blush. I really like it myself and almost used it daily for a fresh and girly look. 

Which products have you been discovering, using and loving in 2014? Any recommendations for me to expand my huge beauty collection? Does anybody already know what's going to be the beauty hype of 2015?


  1. Tolle Produkte. Das La Roche-Posay hört sich sehr spannend an. Allpresan benutz ich auch, ein super Produkt.

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  2. I am so interested to try L'oreal nail polish, some love for nails never hurts, also glitter eyeliner is amazing thing, it's on my wish list, I should seriously buy it. I really enjoy posts like this one, because I tend to find something new!

  3. These products looks so interesting. I remember visiting the Pharmacy in Paris and was so amazed with all of the different products we don't have here in North America.

  4. Thanks for the anti-frizz hair tip; since I've died my hair, I can't live without anti-frizz products anymore...


  5. Thanks for the tips. I like Balea Products too.


  6. La Roche-Posay is my discovery too!

  7. everything looks really good ! lovely post !

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