5 Must Have Flats for Summer 2015

5 must have pairs flats summer gladiator sandals Birkenstock cut out

High heels and I will never be friends. They've been fascinating me since I was a child but everything over 5cm will give me terrible foot aches. So after years of buying and never wearing them, I accepted my fate and even lost my fascination for anything high heeled. The only version that still gets me to my knees are simplistic pointed heels in nude or silver. Luckily enough flats are up-and-coming and offer an alternative for every shoe occasion. Let's start a shoevolution with these 5 cute pairs for next summer:

Pointed flats...

... in black, silver or nude. Preferably with a low cut vamp like on the pair above or the Kiomi flats I've recently bought myself. Pointed flats are basically your surrogate for elegant high heels. They give any look an instant chic but also look great with jeans. Only thing I wouldn't wear them to are shorts.


... with coloured tassels or lots of glitter. I've recently written a post about Chatelle slippers, which are just gorgeous for a bright and fresh summer look. If you prefer a more versatile colour but don't want the loafers to look too preppy, I highly recommend Chiara Ferragni's flirting slippers in silver. You may not guess it but they go with about anything and can surely compete with any pair of heels.  


... in one of the many new designs for 2015. Even though some magazines have been predicting the end of Birkenstock, I'm pretty sure the hype will resume this summer. My favourite pair is the Madrid in silver. (Looks like a have a thing for metallic shoes!)

Gladiator sandals...

... knee high! They are basically the aestival equivalent for overknee boots. I know some people think they're super ugly but I fall for them every summer and I'm convinced some brave fashion bloggers will also wear them this summer. We'd better wait for a cheaper pair than the Roger Vivier one though...

Laser cut boots...

... for chilly summer nights. Whether you wear them with a dress, jeans or shorts: Summer boots always give a laid-back look and are perfect to keep our feet warm during long festival nights.

Bye-bye boring ballet flats.


  1. I actually really like the pointed flats and I'm definitely gonna invest in some this year!


  2. hi carmen,i like gladiator sandals

  3. I hope the Birkenstock trend won't be over this year. I hated them ever since and just started to think that they're kind of cool :D
    My favorite pair is exactly the one you showed!

    Caro x


  4. I love flats because they are so much more comfortable than heels! The Kiomi pair is my favourite amongst this selection.

  5. The silver flats are awesome!


  6. Die Birkenstocks sind meine erste Wahl! Ich liebe diese Schuhe einfach!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  7. Die Glitzer Loafers sind ja sowas von schön <3 Ich trage auch lieber flache Schuhe, da gefällt mir der Post besonders gut!
    Liebste Grüße,
    Marina von Love & Fashion

  8. Dalmatian print is one of my favorite ! I want these flats ! <3


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