5 Favourite Lip Products of the Season

I must admit that I was never really into wearing lip gloss or lipstick. Too sticky, too hard to apply, to much of a mess when you eat and simply too much for everyday life (in my case school and university). However lately I've been taking out my lippies more and more and I love how they can change an entire outfit from casual to noticeable. Sometimes they're the last accessory you're lacking off. So now that I finally entered the lipstick jungle I wanted to show you my 5 favs of the season.

SPRINGFIELD Cosmetics lipstick 69 Burgundy - The most gorgeous lip shade for fall/winter season. It has a decent shimmer and stays on for ages because the colour is so intense. You can see me wearing it here.

LUSH Whip Stick lip balm - I'm quite sceptical when it comes to lip balms because I often feel that the more I apply them, the more my lips dry out. However not with this chocolate goodness from Lush. Alternatively I also like to use coconut oil to cure my dry lips.

HELENA RUBINSTEIN Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom - I've already talked about this product shortly but wanted to include it again as it's my favourite lipstick substitute for a natural look and instant plumpness.

BENEFIT Ultra Plush Lip Gloss "Fauxmance" - Another product which you might already have discovered over here as I got it in the Benefit Advent calendar this year. The shade creates a natural and romantic look and Benefit lip glosses are among my favourites because they're not sticky and they don't annoy me when applied.

MANHATTAN Soft Mat lip cream 45H - When the mat lip trend started a few years ago I absolutely wanted to join the fun and so I got one of the Soft Mat lip creams in a flashy pink. Later on this classical red joined my collection and I love that it doesn't smudge anymore as soon as it has dried and turned mat. See it applied here.


  1. Carmen, je t'ai nominé pour le "One lovely blog award"!

    A bientot,

  2. I would love to try the HR plumper, as I'm looking for the perfect plumper!


  3. Guapura!!encantada de conocer este blog tan maravilloso, me quedo aquí como seguidora. Te invito a pasar por el mio y quedarte conmigo.
    Millones de Besitos

  4. I have Manhattan's Mate lip cream also and I love the same thing about it just like you! It stays ages on my lips and doesn't smudge, hooray! :)) and the rest from your list I haven't tried yet..

  5. wow have to try some of these ! they all look cool !

  6. I forgot to ask you where are you buying Benefit products ? Because I know Benefit is not selling to some countries, for example to my :(

  7. love everything from LUSH :)


  8. wow I really need to get my hands on one of those soft mat lip creams as well they look really nice! xx



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