Beauty Empties: January

beauty empties review Lush Kiko

NIVEA Deodorant Fresh Natural
I mainly bought this deodorant because I had a discount voucher and because it said 0% aluminum. But guess what, aluminum is not the only bad ingredients a deodorant can have. Most of them contain substances than can cause respiratory problems and that must have been the case for this one because it made me cough whenever I used it. So big no to repurchasing this one!

ALDO VANDINI Finnish Spa Body Peeling
In fact I like Aldo Vandini body scrubs because they are really gritty and thus perfect for coarse skin areas. However this one smelled of rosemary which definitely isn't my cup of tea. I'll probably try a scrub from The Body Shop next.

LUSH Dashing Santa
Full review here.

LUSH The Olive Branch shower gel
Best. Smell. Ever! This was definitely my favourite Lush product of the season because it smelled fresh and christmasy at the same time. Plus it comes with olive oil which is always good for the skin. I will totally repurchase it in case I ever manage to finish the uncountable other shower gels  which I'm stashing at home...

EBELIN nail polish remover
A really gorgeous product! It even removes dark nail polish without leaving residues and it smells of almonds. However it contains acetone which is why I bought the acetone free version. Strangely enough I feel like the new one I have is more aggressive than this one...

THE BODY SHOP Shea Whip Body Lotion
I got this one years ago and never used it up because I wanted to keep it for traveling but never took it on holidays. Stupid me because now it's gone bad and I can't use it anymore. Therefor I can't say much about it but it's a The Body Shop best seller so I should be a good product. 

KIKO Cleansing Face Brush
You know how much I loved this face brush at first, I used it every single day. After a while however I saw that it's really hard to clean and I wasn't sure if it was still clever to use it on my problematic skin. Lately when cleaning my bathroom cabinet I saw that it was broke even though I never let it fall down. So the quality doesn't seem to be super good and I won't repurchase it.


  1. Hello Carmen!
    I'm back in Poland so I can reply now.
    It was nice to meet you too, I had a great time in Luxembourg!
    Hope you're fine,
    Martyna x

  2. I haven't ever tried The Olive Branch - definitely need to buy a little bottle to try it out now :) x

  3. Intersting post!
    I like the review you wrote about each product :)

    Caro x


  4. I like Nivea deodorants, but in the roller shape, they work for me the best. And Body shop, I know this smell "Shea Whip" for me it smells very good, it's a pity you didn't use, but I know this saving thing, I tend to do that too :))

  5. Die Lush Produkte riechen echt immer total gut! Glaube dir sofort, dass es mit dem Shower Gel nicht anders war


  6. Looks good!


  7. Beautiful post, really interesting!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  8. Thanks for reminding me that i should really use those Body Shop goodies from my gift sets instead of saving them for travelling :) xx

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