Beauty Empties: January

beauty empties review Lush Kiko

NIVEA Deodorant Fresh Natural
I mainly bought this deodorant because I had a discount voucher and because it said 0% aluminum. But guess what, aluminum is not the only bad ingredients a deodorant can have. Most of them contain substances than can cause respiratory problems and that must have been the case for this one because it made me cough whenever I used it. So big no to repurchasing this one!


Watch Guide

women watches daniel wellington casio

Wearing a watch used to be a necessity back in the good old pre-mobile-phone-days. I remember that when I was a little girl I always had these super cool, colourful Flik Flak ones! Do you remember them? Over the years however, wearing a watch became too annoying and I only rediscovered their benefits some years ago when I became more interested in jewellery in general. By now I own quite a few watches and I think that every women should have at least one. Here are my four favourites:


Pochette de Janette Unboxing + Giveaway*

Pochette de Janette

The new "Pochette de Janette" is out and it's a Valentine's special! Ready to discover what's inside?


Cooking Made Easy: Gaufres de Liège

Did you ever notice there are so many different ways to make waffles? In Luxembourg we usually eat the square ones which you prepare with whipped egg whites while in Germany I mostly saw the flower shaped ones which are thinner but more compact. My favourites however come from Belgium and they're called after a city: Liège waffles. They are made with yeast and big chunks of sugar which caramelize during the making. Yum, yum, yum! I first ate them at the candy shop Pinky in Maastricht and having them over there has become a real tradition over the years. This weekend I tried to make them with my boyfriend and it was surprisingly easy!


OOTD: Skirt in the Snow

pleated summer maxi skirt winter snow
We got some more snow in Luxembourg so I absolutely had to go out and shoot some outfit pictures. And I'm continuing to include summer favourites into my winter wardrobe. This time I choose this lovely pleated skit which I already bought about 5 years ago. The trick to keep warm? Leggings and knee high boots!


5 Favourite Lip Products of the Season

I must admit that I was never really into wearing lip gloss or lipstick. Too sticky, too hard to apply, to much of a mess when you eat and simply too much for everyday life (in my case school and university). However lately I've been taking out my lippies more and more and I love how they can change an entire outfit from casual to noticeable. Sometimes they're the last accessory you're lacking off. So now that I finally entered the lipstick jungle I wanted to show you my 5 favs of the season.


OOTD: Jungle Print

zara jungle tropical print blazer green

After wearing white pants last week, I thought I'd transfer another aestival piece of clothing into my winter wardrobe. Because after all a green jungle print doesn't necessarily scream "cold days". But I felt like wearing this blazer again and combining it a bit more casually this time. The only hidden extra: some lace looking out from under my sleeves.


Ready for this Coffee Shop?!

ready?! coffee shop Luxembourg Limpertsberg

In Luxembourg we don't have a Starbucks. We don't have Coffee Fellows either. Also no Costa or any of the other cool hipster coffee shop chains I can think of right now. BUT Luxembourg has got Ready?! which I discovered during yesterday's blogger meeting.


5 Must Have Flats for Summer 2015

5 must have pairs flats summer gladiator sandals Birkenstock cut out

High heels and I will never be friends. They've been fascinating me since I was a child but everything over 5cm will give me terrible foot aches. So after years of buying and never wearing them, I accepted my fate and even lost my fascination for anything high heeled. The only version that still gets me to my knees are simplistic pointed heels in nude or silver. Luckily enough flats are up-and-coming and offer an alternative for every shoe occasion. Let's start a shoevolution with these 5 cute pairs for next summer:


OOTD: Winter Whites

winter white outfit blazer pants

On a freezing cold Sunday morning, Ankie and I met up in a small village in the north of Luxembourg, in order to shoot some outfit pictures. And as it was not only freezing but also terribly windy, I knew I couldn't leave the house with loose hair. That's how my favourite hairdo from the 90s underwent a long overdue revival.


Manic(ure) Monday: MAC Studio Nail Lacquer

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer 2015

from left to right:
Too Short Skirt: coral glitter with pink pearl
#Obsessed: pink with multi color glitter
Tiara on Top: soft pink glitter with pink pearl
Diva Fierce: pink with gold glitter

Lately my virtual mailbox has been overflowing with press releases but usually I prefer to only introduce you to products I have tried myself. However for this MAC Studio Nail Lacquer collection I thought I'd make an exception. Why? Well just look at these special effect lacquers, they certainly gather the best of what the manicure scene has brought out during the last few seasons: excessive glitter, feather styles, sequin effects, coral, dark green, copper and the best of all blue hues.


Tried and Tested: LUSH Dashing Santa

Lush Dashing Santa bath bomb

After the Lush Blogger Breakfast in November, I was able to go home with a well filled goodie bag with lots of bath goodness. One of the products was the Dashing Santa, a bath bomb with golden glitter. Can you imagine that despite being a Lush fan for years, this was my first ever Lush bath bomb to try out?!


Cooking Made Easy: Kefir Shake

Milkshakes are oh so yummy but a banana shake with 3,5% fat milk may not necessarily meet your New Year's resolutions. For a lighter and healthier version, why not try a kefir shake with berries? Kefir, in case you didn't know, is a fermented milk drink. It tastes like buttermilk so you can imagine it like a more sour, liquid yoghurt. A few months ago I stopped having almond milk porridge for breakfast and started eating my oats with kefir instead, which helps me stay full all morning long.


Top 10 Beauty Discoveries of 2014

top 10 favourite beauty products 2014

In 2014 I have literally been glutted with beauty products. A goodie bag here, a sponsored review there, a beauty trend to follow or a recommendation from a fellow blogger, made me hoard beauty products of all kinds and brands. And with all this opulence I haven't even been able to try (not even open) all of the products I got last year. And even the ones that I have tried and approved didn't all make it onto the blog yet. However I don't want to hide all this goodness from you, especially not the top 10 products that I've discovered and loved in 2014 and will keep on using in 2015. 


Tried and Tested: Benefit Advent Calendar 2014

benefit candy-coated countdown Advent calendar review

Just like last year I was spoilt with a Benefit Advent calendar for the holiday season. This year's edition was the pink and green "Candy-Coated Countdown" and yet again Benefit did a great job on the design. Shall we start off with the content?


OOTD: New Year

ootd outfit nyw new year's eve black white

I hope you all had a great start into the new year. Just like the last two years, my boyfriend and I spent NYE at a friend's place and on New Year's Day we held a lovely family lunch at my parent's place. Even though I really like dressing up, this year I felt like wearing something more relaxed so I combined my brand new lace jumper with a white dress and the pointed flats I ordered at Zalando a few weeks ago.



Happy new year folks! I hope you all spend a gorgeous, glittery and glamorous NYE. So shall we talk about your good resolutions for 2015? Are they about fitness or health? If yes chances are high you need a little fitspiration. The best way to succeed is staying motivated and there's nothing that helps me stay motivated more than looking at fit girls who look gorgeous in everything they wear.

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