Christmas Makeup With Technic*

Technic cosmetics festive christmas makeup look tutorial

As you may remember I was spoilt with Technic cosmetics and after a short introduction of the products I had promised you a deeper review and a Christmas makeup. I must admit that I'm really bad at this makeup photography thing, which is why you'll only get two pictures of the final result (and it was already pretty hard to find two that I was okay with...). Nevertheless I really enjoyed trying out the products so let's start off with what I used:
TECHNIC: Colour Fix concealer in dark, BB foundation in "Oatmeal", Bronzing Compact, High Lights, Nudes Eyeshadows, Electric Beauty glitter liquid eyeliner in bronze, Juicy Stick twist up lipstick in "Scandal"
CATRICE: Camouflage Cream in 010 "Ivory"
MAYBELLINE: Fit Me! pressed powder in 120 "Classic Ivory"
P2: Dresscode Happy Look of Love blush in 010 "Sweetheart"
MANHATTAN: Dip Eyeliner waterproof in 1010N black, Volcano Precise volume & definition mascara in 1010N black
BENEFIT: Instant Brow pencil in light

festive christmas makeup bold red lips glitter eyeliner

I don't think I need to say much about how I used the products, maybe just for the eye makeup: I started off with the second eyeshadow of the palette which comes closest to my skin tone and yet adds some sparkle. Then I drew an eyelid line with the black eyeliner and as soon as it had dried I added a more decent line at the upper border with the glitter eyeliner. I applied about three layers so the line was uniform and still decent.

festive christmas eye makeup AMU glitter eyliner

So now that I've used all of the Technic cosmetics I can finally tell you which ones I would recommend and which ones aren't even worth the cheap price. To get a detailed look at the products and see the price, please check out my initial post
Starting off with the basics I got the Colour Fix concealer and the Brilliant Touch highlighter/blemish corrector. At first I thought the Colour Fix was more for covering pimples while the Brilliant Touch was more an under eye concealer. However both are best at covering dark circles but I prefer the Colour Fix as it's easier to apply and has the best shade for my skin tone. The Brilliant Touch is a bit too light and I really don't like this twist mechanism as the concealer takes some time to properly come out.
The Beauty Boost foundation promises brightening, a light weight feel and a flawless coverage. I didn't notice much brightening and found the formula a bit sticky at first but on my skin it felt and looked flawless. The coverage is of course not outstanding but still quite good for a BB foundation. What I appreciated was to see the "Against Animal Testing" sign at the back of the tube.
As I already said I liked the Bronzing Compact (except that it may be a bit too decent), the High Lights (which is the same as it's Benefit role model except that it's more liquid) and the Nudes Eyeshadows (which I will use regularly as soon as my other palette is empty). My favourite product though has got to be the Electric glitter eyeliner as it helps create really decent but also super festive eye makeups. Furthermore it stays on perfectly and it doesn't hurt to take the glitter off. I can't wait to get creative with it!
When it comes to the Juicy Stick I'm not overly convinced because as I said it's a bit too juicy (thus smudges easily) but I like the cherry smell it has, I think it's a really gorgeous red and I've always wanted to have a chubby stick dupe so I'll keep on using it.
Finally the only product that has really disappointed me was the Electric eyeliner pen which didn't work for me at all. However I guess that's a problem of those felt pen eyeliners because I never had one that worked properly.
(Technic products I haven't tried yet: Lashitude mascara, False Nail Glue and Nail Varnish.)

So as you can see I'm convinced by most of the Technic products and I would also recommend most of them. I don't think I will buy glitter eyeliners anywhere else now! If you wanna try out Technic products yourselves you can get them via Love Thy Makeup. (There you can also find the glitter eyeliner in bronze, silver and pink!) Do you have another idea for a festive makeup or do you always use the same products no matter the occasion?


  1. Sounds like a mixed batch of opinions but it's good to try something new out! I like the sound of the glitter eyeliner, as opposed to my bog standard black gel one :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. Woaw Carmen!!! You did an amazing job with creating this look! and you look beautiful!! like beautiful beautiful :)) red lips and glitter eye liner...ooohh hands down, amazing! :)

  3. Super schöner Look. Die roten Lippen stehen dir ausgezeichnet!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  4. You look great! You seriously rock the red lip! I would love to try that blush and the lip color! I just bought a similar looking palette from catrice for my friend! I love that concealer too!

  5. You look so glam in these photos! Love the red lipstick on you! You should wear it more often.

  6. super beautiful with that makeup! love the cat eye with a little sparkle, lovely detail!

  7. WOW I really like the makeup you created with these products! The double eyeliner is awesome! <3

  8. I not familiar with the Brand. Looks very nice though. Looks so gorgeous on you.

  9. looks like a fantastic range! I especially love the eye palette and lip crayon. the bronzer looks gorgeous too. xx

  10. Sieht wundervoll aus! Der Lidstrich ist Dir super gut gelungen. Ich mag den Mix aus Drogerie bis hin zu Highend Kosmetik auch sehr gerne :)
    Danke auch für Deinen lieben Kommentar! Hat mich sehr gefreut.
    Liebe Grüße,


  11. Love it, sweetie ^_^





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