Perfume Collection Update (+Gift Guide)

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Lately I was lucky to get some new perfumes to try out so I thought I'd make a follow-up of my perfume collection post which I wrote in February. And as we're approaching Christmas why not also take this post as a little gift guide? As the four perfumes I'll be introducing all have a very different scent you'll surely find one for every woman in your life.

valeur absolue harmonie parfum amethyste

Valeur Absolue - Harmonie
You may already have seen this perfume on my blog as I got it in the second Pochette de Janette. The scent is composed of musk, neroli, Earl Grey tea, wood and vanilla which make it a really strong perfume which I couldn't compare to anything I've smelled so far. The flacon contains amethyst stones which are supposed to be the symbol of harmony. 

cartier baiser volé parfum

Cartier - Baiser Volé
This and the following two perfumes have been presents from the perfumery Paris 8 where I've been attending an event lately. The smell of this perfume is sweet yet intense and grown up. The key scent is that of a lily. 

dolce gabbana dolce perfume

Dolce & Gabbana - Dolce
The scent of Dolce is what it says: sweet. But also really flowery and playful. To me it's a perfume rather for young girls.

tom ford black orchid perfume review

Tom Ford - Black Orchid
Finally this very special perfume by Tom Ford. I have heard many good reviews on this one so I was really curious to try it out. When I first applied it however I was a bit disappointed. It smelled like a men's perfume at first. The name is indeed appropriate as it definitely has a black note. But then you also clearly smell the orchid and the longer I wore the perfume, the more I learnt to appreciate it. Again it's a really intense and grown up scent but with a certain playful twist. The perfect perfume for women who appreciate men's perfumes and who are self-confident.

Below I made a little shopping widget with the featured perfumes and some other favourites of mine. As I said you can also buy the last three perfumes at Paris 8 in Luxembourg.

What are your favourite perfumes of the moment? Would you like to find a new perfume under the Christmas tree or do you think it's an unoriginal present?


  1. hihi
    ich seh dich in der weihnachtskugel :P

  2. I like Dolce perfume, I am always into light scents for the summer, but for the winter I prefer something little heavier. Valeur Absolue "Harmonie" I took for my holidays, because of the perfect size to travel, but it was a bit too strong for me, too.. I don't how to describe :)

  3. Ich denke Parfüm zu Weihnachten wird nie langweilig...klar, wenn man es jedes Mal bekommt, ist es vielleicht doof ;) Aber man kauft es sich nunmal weniger selbst. So geht es mir zumindest...und wenn ich einen Duft schön finde, geht er mir meist nicht mehr aus dem Kopf und dann bin ich froh, wenn er mir geschenkt wird ;)
    Liebe Grüße,

  4. Ich kaufe fast jedes Weihnachten irgendwelche Parfüms! Ich liebe das von Dolce & Gabbana, das ist wirklich so toll.

  5. Mmmm those perfumes all sound like they smell so good! Specially the Dolce one, I'm going to try it out the next time I go shopping


  6. Mhhh die hören sich super an! Ich liebe ja leckere Düfte zu Weihnachten :)

    Woooooow da hast du ja richtig viele tolle Sachen zusammengestellt! Vielen Dank für deine Mühe! :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ Joana

    PS: Bei mir gibt esbeim 10.Türchen vom Blogger Adventskalender 3 tolle Shoppinggutscheine zu gewinnen! :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures! My favourite perfume for this time of year is Dior Poison!

  8. Lovely post. My perfumes are Chance de Chanel, Féérie de Van Cleef and Arpels and Lady Million :)


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