Manic(ure) Monday: Like a Feather

feather manicure pink black silver

On Saturday the Luxembourgish bloggers had their December meeting and we had decided to play Secret Santa. One of my presents is the perfect pretext to make a manicure monday post once again: Imena got me this cute feather manicure set from Primark which I had to try out immediately. But how does it work and are Primark manicure tools of a good quality anyway? Find out now:

primark ps love feather manicure set

How to guide (like written on the set):
1. Push back your cuticles with a wooden stick, and tidy and file your nails to the required shape and length. Apply two coats of your base colour, allowing each to thoroughly dry.
2. Working one nail at a time, apply a generous layer of clear top coat, and whilst still wet, lay a feather onto the nail, leaving a space at the cuticle end for your base colour to show through. Gently press the feather down to secure (I recommend using the wooden sticks).
3. Once dry, trim away the excess feather with the scissors, leaving a small overhang around the edge of the nail.
4. Seal in the feather with a layer of top coat, applied along the grain of the feather from nail tip down to cuticle.
5. Once your top coat is comletely dry, file away the excess feather around the nail tip by using the nail file vertically downwoards for a smooth and professional finish.

how to feather manicure tutorial

nail manicure pink black purple feathers

essie no place like chrome feather manicure

Primark feather manicure set supplies

feather manicure

Theoretically all you need is included in the set and I followed the directions which also worked really well. What didn't work were the contained products themselves. I had already applied a layer of the clear polish yesterday as I always apply a base coat. However this morning I had to find out that the clear nail polish had already started crumbling quite badly. Then the next bad surprise when I wanted to apply the silver nail polish: It had completely dried out inside the bottle. Having replaced the clear nail polish by my own and the silver polish by the similar shade by Essie (No Place Like Chrome), I went over to applying the feather. That worked surprisingly well but as soon as I wanted to use the included scissors to trim the excess feather, I had to find out that the scissors weren't sharp enough. So in the end all I used from the set were the feathers, nail file and wooden sticks. Nonetheless the feather manicure was really easy and I am quite proud of the outcome. However if you wanna try the same I would recommend simply getting your feathers in an art supply shop.


  1. hi carmen..this manicure is very nice..i want to try to make it

  2. Oooo such an interesting set! I've never seen anything like this! I can see how this would make the nail art much easier! I love the silver/pink color combo!

  3. So beautiful nails! wow!


  4. Ooh this looks lovely - that's such a great set!
    I really like all of the colors - they all pair so perfectly together!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. wow this looks super cute :) have to try it out !

  6. this is such a lovely mani! loved it.
    Happy christmas!

  7. This looks amazing! I wish it was available to purchase here where I live.



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