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makeup mirror sminkspegel

I guess that every girl who's into makeup and dressing up dreams about having a gorgeous dressing table. Thanks to my mum this dream came true for me already years ago. However my dressing table turned out to be a bit more offbeat and modern: My mum had ordered this gorgeous one piece glass table (I'm really sorry for the man who had to deliver it!) and this funny black and white stool for me and I added a mirror with these mirror squares from Ikea. However I didn't really use my makeup corner because the mirror was somehow too far away and there was no light source in that part of my bathroom. So what I was missing was a gorgeous makeup mirror...

makeup mirror sminkspegel

makeup storing drawers

schminktisch dressing table

makeup storage drawers

makeup mirror sminkspegel dressing table

Not long ago I was contacted by Makeupmirror.com, a Swedish brand specialised in (you can guess it) makeup mirrors. They kindly offered me to send over one of their mirrors for me to try it out and believe me I'm super grateful! The mirror didn't take long to arrive and the light bulbs were included (if I would have read the product description on the website a bit better I would immediately have found them in the magnetic openable back of the mirror but I guess I was just too excited so it took me some minutes...). Unfortunately I immediately noticed some negative points about the light bulbs as they have a really artificial light (something closer to daylight would have been better) and they get super hot from the first minute so you better not touch them! (Of course I did 'cause I almost tend to climb inside a mirror when putting on my makeup...) Besides from that the light still allows you to see lots of details (good for plucking your eyebrows) and you can adjust the brightness with the help of a regulator. As for the mirror itself I totally like the size and even though I have the simplest model available I find it super pretty and classy (check out the other models here.)
As for my dressing table I stored all of my makeup in this Ikea drawers (ordered by foundation & liquid makeup, powder & rouge, mascara & eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip products). On top of the drawers I'm storing my makeup brushes in special holders and the mug from Cinnamon Home that was in the second Pochette de Janette. For the decoration I took some of my favourite jewellery boxes and I also love to have some greens in my bathroom (at the moment I'm having succulents).
So what do you girls think about my dressing table, the makeup mirror and how I organised my makeup? Who else has a dressing table at home?

P.S.: If you wanna see how other experts and famous people like Lauren Conrad used their makeup mirror you should check out this gallery.


  1. What a beautiful setup! love it!

  2. Love it! I used to have a dressing table but then stopped using it because I prefer to get ready in the bathroom closer to the sink. Yours looks lovely though <3

  3. Wow das sieht toll aus! In meinem Badezimmer habe ich auch eine kleine Schminkecke!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  4. Very cute. I don't own a vanity! I really like your succulent too. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  5. Very organized. Also stylish interior design.

  6. Sieht sehr schön aus! Ich hätte auch gerne den Platz für einen Schminktisch...naja, vielleicht eines Tages :D
    Liebe Grüße,

  7. Wow, I have always wanted a mirror like that, or a special place for me to put my makeup on! Because using the bathroom is a hassle and I would just love to have a special place only for myself and makeup! :)
    I will check out their mirrors!


  8. it looks so pretty! you have a nice wee corner just for yourself. Im running out of space myself, need to sort out my make up cabinet soon, it's such a mess :( xx

  9. Very cute corner. I love this mirror :)

  10. it looks super nice ! Love your beauty corner !


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