Blogger's Secret: Free Domain from Kleidung.com*

Today's "Blogger's Secret" is a bit different and as you can see based on the little * in the title I'm getting something in return for this post. Respectively I already got it, namely my domain. Now you may be thinking: "What?! She got her domain for free and all she's got to do for it is write a post about it?" Well... Yes. That's how it is. But let's start right at the beginning...


Kleidung.com is a German online fashion news magazine and a few years ago they decided to start their famous domain sponsoring. So they are the sponsors of hundreds of fashion bloggers' domains (I'm one of the lucky ones) and all we have to do in return is write one post per year about them (see my initial post to get it all explained in detail). At the moment they paused their campaign but if you want to know about it as soon as they start again you can apply with the help of this form.
Besides from that Kleidung.com does some other things for bloggers as well and especially if you're a German fashion blogger you might wanna check out their page from time to time. As you may know in some countries blogs need a legal notice so if your blog is German you can easily get a really professional one at Kleidung.com by simply filling in some details about your blog.
And then two things that are not necessarily blog related but can still be quite helpful: the discount code and the online shop listings. So you will not only find the best online shops in Germany, but also the latest discount codes and some interesting information about the stores (like did you know that the first Yves Rocher store has been opened in Paris in 1969 already?!).
Anyway I have been following Kleidung.com on Facebook for years and found some of the most interesting fashion news over there. So be it for your latest blog research, for some online shopping advantages or the chance to get your own domain name for free: make sure to check out Kleidung.com

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