Favourite Moments in 2014

2014 has been so eventful that I can't even believe all these things happened in just one year. However I've been talking so much about the changes I went through and the blogger_LU group that has been defining my life lately, that today I just wanna let the pictures talk for themselves. Thanks for being a part of this, I hope your 2014 was just as great as mine!


Christmas via Waterlogue

gingerbread watercolour painting

The holidays are over. As always we've been waiting for Christmas like forever and then it passed in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless I was able to spend some relaxing time with my beloved ones and I hope you did the same. Instead of just posting some pictures of this year's Christmas, I thought about sharing a slightly more special version of my holiday snaps...


OOTD: Winter Wonderland

aztec scarf poncho belt outfit look black grey red

I'm dreaming, of a white Christmas... Well we didn't get a white Christmas but right after Boxing Day we got our winter wonderland in Luxembourg as well. I woke up to an Instagram feed full of snowscapes and a sugar covered town. So right after lunch my boyfriend and I went out for a walk in his hometown and he took me to a magical place with a gorgeous view and this abandoned old house. I didn't have a special outfit with me so my boyfriend borrowed me a belt and I wore my new scarf as a poncho.


New In: Christmas

beauticology gingerbread marshmallow chocolate gift set shower gel

If you're anything like me you're not only curious to know what you will get for Christmas but also to know what others got. That's one of the reasons why Christmas or birthday hauls are among my favourite blog posts. The other reason would be that they show you things you may not have discovered on that blog under normal circumstances. So be prepared for beauty, fitness and plush...


OOTD: Christmas Eve

ootd christmas eve black blazer blue jumper

I spent Christmas Eve with my boyfriend and his family and had decided to wear this combination of a jumper, skirt and sweater. I had already worn it before but the pictures we took back then didn't turn out really well as it was already too dark. These were taken by my boyfriend and I'm glad he gets better at this photography job as we go along!


OOTD: Trier

ootd all grey coat skirt scarf ethno

Yesterday I went to Trier with my boyfriend to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Even though I have been to this city many times I got a bit lost and couldn't find my favourite restaurant immediately. Luckily enough this situation took us to the city's cathedral, across which you can find this pretty pink building. The outfit is really casual but I wanted to show you my grey coat which I've been having for years but still like a lot. As you can see I still didn't find black boots so I had to wear my beige ones with the all grey outfit. Not ideal but better than to wear flats in the rain.


Manic(ure) Monday: Like a Feather

feather manicure pink black silver

On Saturday the Luxembourgish bloggers had their December meeting and we had decided to play Secret Santa. One of my presents is the perfect pretext to make a manicure monday post once again: Imena got me this cute feather manicure set from Primark which I had to try out immediately. But how does it work and are Primark manicure tools of a good quality anyway? Find out now:


Micellar Water - What, How, Why?

garnier micellar cleansing water

Micellar water: It has been a huge hype this year and I must admit that at the beginning I wasn't even sure what it was all about. Was it a toner, was it a makeup remover, was it just refreshing water? I honestly didn't know. So in summer I bought myself the Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier and found out that it's a cleanser and makeup remover at the same time. But wait. No real water involved? Can that really be good for your skin? I didn't think so and was really sceptical so I kept on washing my face with water and a regular facial cleanser after using the micellar water. But I decided that it was time to erase all of my doubts so I contacted Garnier and got some answers from Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann:


Blogging Class + Christmas Party

chanel bag camera

I feel like I have been talking about Emilie's blogging classes like a hundred times but never actually made a post about them and let you share the experience with me. Now that I already attended the 3rd edition (which was a special Christmas edition as well) I decided that it's time to share with you the pictures and experience I've made. 


Blogger's Secret: DIY Blog Planner

The only true key to blogging regularly is planning ahead. As someone who has been blogging daily for months I've always had a blog planner where I put down my blog post ideas and chose the best dates to publish this and that post. While I used a regular planner for the last two years, I decided that it was time for something more adapted now. Unfortunately there's nothing such as a premade blog planner which you could buy in stores. So I just decided to take a regular planner and customise it according to my blogger needs.


Tried and Tested: Ayurvana*

ayurvana products review

One of the coolest things about PR samples is not that they're for free but that they allow you to discover new brands you normally would never come across. That's definitely the case with Ayurvana products which I was asked to try out a few weeks ago. Ayurvana is a French brand selling supplements, cosmetics and spices developed according to the principles of the Ayurveda. I must admit that Ayurveda has always intrigued me as it's mainly based on meditation and the consumption of plants to stay healthy so I was really eager to learn a bit more about this medicine through the products.


Perfume Collection Update (+Gift Guide)

holiday perfume gift guide christmas ideas

Lately I was lucky to get some new perfumes to try out so I thought I'd make a follow-up of my perfume collection post which I wrote in February. And as we're approaching Christmas why not also take this post as a little gift guide? As the four perfumes I'll be introducing all have a very different scent you'll surely find one for every woman in your life.


Pochette de Janette "Unboxing"

Pochette de Janette magazine luxembourg beauty box

The Pochette de Janette has started its round three and I was lucky enough to be sent one by Janette Magazine. Are you ready to discover with me the content of Luxembourg's one and only subscription box for fashion and beauty lovers?


Chatelles Slippers

Even though flats are the most important shoes in my life and even though I wear ballet flats during like 10 months of the year, I never really invested much money in them. I would rather buy a new pair of 10€ H&M flats every new season than finally getting a high quality pair. Not long ago however I decided that I have reached an age where quality goes over quantity so I didn't replace my worn out H&M flats but decided to invest in a good leather pair and my choice fell on the cut out flats by Kiomi. As they might be a bit too open to wear them in autumn I decided to also invest in a good pair of loafers (again I only own a really cheap pair which doesn't look too good anymore). Only yesterday I discovered this amazing French brand called Chatelles. They use high quality materials (Italian leather) and the shoes come with some French poetry pressed inside the inner sole. The best part? All the regular slippers are available in plain, with tassels or with your initials (the letter slippers seem to be sold out at the moment though). Besides from the regular slippers you can also get some adorable kitty ones:


Christmas Makeup With Technic*

Technic cosmetics festive christmas makeup look tutorial

As you may remember I was spoilt with Technic cosmetics and after a short introduction of the products I had promised you a deeper review and a Christmas makeup. I must admit that I'm really bad at this makeup photography thing, which is why you'll only get two pictures of the final result (and it was already pretty hard to find two that I was okay with...). Nevertheless I really enjoyed trying out the products so let's start off with what I used:


Discover My Dressing Table & Makeup Mirror*

makeup mirror sminkspegel

I guess that every girl who's into makeup and dressing up dreams about having a gorgeous dressing table. Thanks to my mum this dream came true for me already years ago. However my dressing table turned out to be a bit more offbeat and modern: My mum had ordered this gorgeous one piece glass table (I'm really sorry for the man who had to deliver it!) and this funny black and white stool for me and I added a mirror with these mirror squares from Ikea. However I didn't really use my makeup corner because the mirror was somehow too far away and there was no light source in that part of my bathroom. So what I was missing was a gorgeous makeup mirror...


New In: Lush & Black Friday

lush haul christmas products

As you guys know I went to a gorgeous Lush Blogger Breakfast last weekend and I had promised you a goodie bag haul so let's start off with that...


Blogger's Secret: Free Domain from Kleidung.com*

Today's "Blogger's Secret" is a bit different and as you can see based on the little * in the title I'm getting something in return for this post. Respectively I already got it, namely my domain. Now you may be thinking: "What?! She got her domain for free and all she's got to do for it is write a post about it?" Well... Yes. That's how it is. But let's start right at the beginning...


Kleidung.com is a German online fashion news magazine and a few years ago they decided to start their famous domain sponsoring. So they are the sponsors of hundreds of fashion bloggers' domains (I'm one of the lucky ones) and all we have to do in return is write one post per year about them (see my initial post to get it all explained in detail). At the moment they paused their campaign but if you want to know about it as soon as they start again you can apply with the help of this form.


Monthly Must Haves: December

ootd inspiration winter look ice rink baby blue coat silver sequins

 1 baby blue coat - EDITED via About You 2 silver sequin leggings - H&M 3 silver tank top - H&M 4 snowflake earrings - KURSHUNI via Lajoia 5 silver boots - REPLAY via Zalando 6 friendship bracelet - KATE SPADE

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