The Ugliest H&M Designer Collaboration Pieces Yet

Is it just me or has the Alexander Wang x H&M collection not been featured on blogs as much as previous collaborations? And if it's the case: What are the reasons?
Since the beginning of Clothes and Camera I've been featuring every H&M designer collaboration as far as I can remember. This tradition however took a sudden end when I saw the Alexander Wang pieces for the first time. Sporty chic is one thing and wearing leggings outside the house is another thing but running around in pieces I wouldn't even wear to the gym is about too much of a good thing. And now I'm hearing them haters say: "OMG she has no sense of fashion at all - it's ALEXANDER WANG!". So what? He's just one designer of so many and I happen not to like what he created for H&M. Is this a crime? No. So at the point where we are now we could just leave it at: Okay I don't like this cooperation, I'll leave it out and wait for the next one.
BUT it is pretty likely that I will be rolling my eyes over the next H&M collaboration as well because I have the feeling that the pieces they're offering us get more and more unearthly. In fact this shouldn't be a problem because fashion isn't always ordinary and has to blow away our mind in order to really work. But honestly, does the average H&M customer look like they want to get their mind blown? The thing is: I buy a lot of H&M clothes, I really like the idea of the collaborations and I'm eagerly waiting for every single one to be revealed but I don't get the people who hype each and every collection like it was the most world-changing thing since the invention of ice cream. Because if we're honest nobody can be Isabel Marant the one season and then Alexander Wang the next season. So before you camp in front of an H&M store next November you should probably ask yourself: "Is this really me or am I just buying it because it has a designer label I normally couldn't afford?"
Here we go with my personal best of ugliest H&M designer collaboration pieces in the history of H&M designer collaborations:

ugliest H&M designer collaboration collection pieces ever

What's you opinion on the recent H&M designer collaborations? Are there any pieces you remember that were particularly ugly or is there a collection you totally disliked? (Don't be afraid to speak up, here you're safe...)

P.S.: Of course I am guilty of buying the one or the other collaboration piece just because it said "Marni" or "Maison Martin Margiela", too. And of course I don't dislike the whole Alexander Wang collection either... I mean this dress would be pretty cool after all - if it wouldn't make an average women look like a Michelin man...


  1. for me the best ever is the versa collection

  2. oh ja, ich habe mir die wang kollektion gestern mal angeschaut und ich finde es ganz furchtbar, wie auf jedem 0815 teil sein name riesengroß draufgeklatscht wurde... dazu sind die sachen auch noch super unförmig! neeee... nicht schön! und ich stimme dir zu - es gab echt schon einige fragwürdige designer teile bei h&m!
    liebe grüße,

  3. Hahaha...I remember the craze over the Marni one here in singapore! People were lining up over night through the rain storm in singapore outside out main h & m outlet to get some AW pieces! I think this collection is quite functional and super easy to wear but I don't own anything from their collaborations!

  4. love your honesty carmen, im not overly impressed by the collection either x


  5. Find die Kollektion bis auf einen Pulli auch echt schlimm, es ist alles einfach nicht tragbar.
    Fand damals die Dragon Tattoo Kollektion von Trish Summerville super :)

  6. It was crazy here yesterday when it opened. Long line ups at dawn. It's unbelievable.

  7. Thank you for your honesty!! I'm a HUGE Alexander Wang fan and I buy clothes from H&M often because it's a lot more affordable than Alexander Wang. I thought this collection would be perfect but it was too sporty for my liking! Still good pieces in the collection (like that one white top would be the ONE thing I want) but not that impressed!

  8. I must agree with your points - I have noticed that many of the previous designer collection pieces are more like costume type things not things which would be werable in long term. One of the not tasteful collab collections for me was the Versace one.. But talking about Wang, there are couple things I wanted to get - like gym crop top or grey sweater, but I dindnt, I guess because I didnt like them enough. Not that collection is bad design wise, for me these were the very syntetic fabrics that turned me off.

  9. I really liked the Viktor & Rolf and Versace collaboration but other than that, I don't go crazy over such events. I do like the AW fitted dress of this collection though.

  10. I was in love with the Isabel Marant collection last year, but did not manage to get my hands on the pieces that I wanted. However, even though I again did not manage to grab anything at all, I am not really disappointed about this year's miss. I really wanted to grab one of the dresses and the leather backpack, but in the end, I feel that in the long run, it doesn't bother me that I couldn't get anything. :)
    Wang does way better things with his own collections and what he does with Balenciaga. It will be well worth it to wait and save up for one of his more expensive pieces for me! :D

  11. I love the idea of the post! I completely agree - some people just get sucked into the hype of it. I thought the MMM collection was quite terrible to be honest, otherwise I really liked Lanvin and Isabel Marant. The Wang x H&M collection was a bit of a 50/50 for me. I was lucky enough to get a couple of things - didn't manage to get the cropped sweatshirt however now I realize that EVERYONE got that one so maybe it was for the best :)

  12. Thought it was just me...but H&M clothes are so ugly, I think the designer is purposely trying to make females look horrid.


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