Technic Cosmetics: First Impressions*

technic cosmetics haul

I've been spoilt! Did you know the cosmetic brand Technic? Well so far I didn't but when they contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their products I checked out their range and discovered some really interesting stuff. Besides from some favourites I chose I was also surprised with lots of additional products so you can imagine how happy I was when I got the package after only a few days. I haven't had the time to try all of the cosmetics but I wanted to make some kind of a haul + first impressions post already now. If I find the time I might however also do a holiday makeup tutorial or a deeper review during the next weeks (any wishes here?).

technic nudes eyeshadow palette

Lashitude Mascara 3,99£
Nudes Eyeshadows 1,49£ - Pretty shades, well pigmented, stays on well.
Electric Eyeliner Pen 1,59£

technic l'oréal bb cream dupe

BB Beauty Boost Foundation 3,99£
Bronzing Compact 1,49£ - Super cute design, the bronzer itself is quite decent (just what I like).

Benefit high beam dupe technic

High Lights 1,99£ - Easy to apply, just as good as the obvious role model by Benefit
Colour Fix Concealer
Brilliant Touch Highlighter & Blemish Corrector 2,99£ - Might be a tad too light for me, still really good at covering dark under-eye circles. It's being applied with a brush which you either like or don't.

technic nail varnish isla bonita

False Nail Glue 1,99£
Nail Varnish "Isla Bonita" 1,25£ - Perfect top coat for the holiday season (also check out the "Miss Millie" topcoat!)

not pictured in detail:
Juicy Stick lipstick 1,49£ - Maybe a bit too juicy (melts on my lips a bit too much), feels really good though and smells a bit of cherry.
Electric Glitter Liquid Eyeliner 1,50£ - Super easy to apply, decent and yet perfectly visible. It stays on well and is yet easy to remove. My new must have for all holiday season parties!

technic cosmetics

As you can see all of the products are really budget friendly - I mean hello: 1,49£ for such a pretty eyeshadow palette?! And even though the material of the packagings may be of a lower quality, the products themselves are surprisingly good so far. Also the pretty design of the packaging makes up for their poor quality (does anybody else feel reminded of OPI, Benefit and L'Oréal packagings?). So as I said I will keep on trying the products and keep you updated on them but I can already recommend most of them (maybe as stuffing for your DIY beauty Advent calendar?). You can for example purchase the cosmetics via Love Thy Make-Up.
Has anybody of you tried Technic products so far? Which other low-cost cosmetics brand do you know and adore?


  1. I have never heard about this brand and I don't think they sell it in my country but the prices are very cheap.
    That high lights has the same packing as the Benefit high beam so maybe the brand should work on originality :D
    However great post and honest review.


  2. I haven't heard of this brand! I'm a sucker for a Benefit highlight dupe. Their colour fix concealer looks promising as well!


  3. hi carmen iI never tried these products..but i like the palette

  4. Interesting! I totally would be happy to pick up a bunch of things to try out their cosmetics! It looks like Catrice to me!

  5. This is the first time that I hear about this brand. Looking forward to your reviews, in particular of the BB foundation and the concealer / highlighter.

  6. first time to hear about them but it seems like they have a bunch of great products :D

  7. Anoucka did a great job on the photography. The cosmetics look good. I like the Nudes eye colour.

  8. hi
    pls can you tell us,who is manufacture of this brand?which country?

  9. I've reviewed this product on my blog, you can find it here at... www.daisychains16.blogspot.com

  10. Was curious about this brand after seeing some of their products on boohoo.com! Really intrigued by that Benefit High Beam dupe, I might have to pick it up... Lovely post by the way! :)

    1. I'm glad you found the post helpful, I really think the highlighter is great. Still using it nowadays ;)


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