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birthday presents

Isn't it sad that we're always looking forward to our birthday for weeks and then it's over so quickly? That definitely happened to me again this year as I didn't have the time to properly celebrate as I was busy all week long. Luckily enough I spend a wonderful birthday with my boyfriend who had taken a day off so we could cook lunch together and so he could surprise me with his enormous gift I feel I don't even deserve! Or what would you say if your boyfriend showed up with an iMac?! Gosh I can't wait to edit my pictures on this colossal screen!
Anyway I also got a few smaller presents that didn't make me any less happy, especially the earrings I got from my sister and which had been on my birthday wish list.

catwalk katzen frühstücksbrettchen

twice as nice disney minnie mouse earrings

maisons du monde vanille scented candle

The cute "catwalk" boards are from my mum and the pretty candle belonged to the present I got from my siblings and can currently be bought at Maisons du Monde. Besides from that I mainly got food and money, the first one has already disappeared (mysteriously) and the second one will probably be used to buy myself a nice birthday or Christmas present...


  1. wow, great presents - happy birthday sweetie :) x

  2. hi carmen..nice presents..i love your earrings

  3. ohh um die lindt schokolade beneide ich dich etz total *.*

  4. happy birthday sweetie :)) everything you got looks so cute :))

  5. I wish someone gave me an iMac for my birthday! Lucky you. I have an iMac but it's more than five years old... so I could do with a new one :)

  6. happy belated birthday! that boyfriends sounds like a keeper lol. and that candle looks delicious.


  7. Happy belated birthday !
    Your earrings are so cute, I want them :)

  8. Great post thank you!Now I have new birthday present ideas for my BF;) CHIQUE!;)


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