Lush Blogger Breakfast

Lush - you either love it or you hate it, right? Luckily most of the Luxembourgish bloggers seem to love it as we were quite a few to attend the first ever Lush Blogger Breakfast in Luxembourg. The event had long been planned and highly anticipated and so I got up super early yesterday morning to drive to Luxembourg city, where some of the bloggers were already waiting in the cold. Let me carry you off in the colourful, festive world of Lush...

After a warm welcome from the store manager and the shop assistants we were provided with tea, juice, cookies and fresh croissants and it was nice to see how familiar faces immediately started exchanging the latest news and how new bloggers were integrated into the group. After everybody had warmed up and indulged in fresh croissants, we were introduced to the new Christmas products as well as the classic festive favourites. From the new products I was especially intrigued by the Snowman Jelly shower jelly, the First Snow glitter powder and the Butterbear bath bomb which I already knew from the Internet. Furthermore I'm glad to be able to try the Dashing Santa bath bomb, the Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar and the Hot Toddy shower gel as we got all three in our goodie bag (which I will show you in a later post). After this great introduction full of feeling, smelling and giggling, we went over to the most interesting part of the event: We made our own Lush products! We started off with the Sunnyside bubble bar fogging the whole store with a glitter cloud. After the product had settled a bit we could form lovely golden hearts, stars and moons and add even more glitter. Then we also mashed up our own Angels On Bare Skin cleanser to whom we added dried lavender. The culmination of the lovely morning was a quiz where you had to find 10 Lush products based on their description. Linda was the deserved and radiant winner and could go home with a You're A Star gift box.
So as you can see it was a really fun an unique experience and it definitely relighted my love for Lush products. I'll be in Luxembourg city again this afternoon and I guess I might need to check their store for some more stuff as I didn't have the opportunity to buy something myself yesterday, as I was so busy chatting with all the lovely bloggers! Thanks a lot Lush Luxembourg!
How about you guys? Lush love or Lush hate?


  1. It looks like you, guys, had so much fun there! :) I am a half Lush lover, there are products that I really like, but there are some products that I don't find worth to buy.. Anyways, it's always nice to enter Lush shop :)

    1. We definitely missed you and I can't wait to finally see you on Friday again! And I understand what you mean, even though I love almost all the products, I think that some of them are just too expensive for what they are, especially the hair products.

  2. i like lush products..
    carmen i think this was an interesting event but also so funny

  3. Awww looks like such an exciting event!

  4. I love Lush products! I'm really sad that I miss this event. It seems like you had a lot of fun there :)

  5. Thank you again for organising this for us!

  6. This looks like a lot of fun =)
    I like lush products, even though I don't buy them on a regular basis. Some of the body butters are gorgeous, as was the limited christmas shower gel I got as a present last year!
    I always wanted to try their shampoo bars, has anyone of you tried those yet??


  7. what a fantastic experience! I;d love to attend a Lush event too. xx


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