Blogger's Secret: Mastering Instagram

Instagram is not only getting more and more popular but also more and more important for bloggers and brands. However just because you're sharing pictures of your daily life, doesn't mean you'll be successful on Instagram immediately. For you I collected my 11 tips to mastering Instagram and I also made a research on my own most popular Instagram pictures. These are my 10 most liked snapshots of all time:

1. Use Iconosquare
Iconosquare is a great tool to observe your Instagram statistics and to see who unfollowed your account (even though sometimes you may not want to know it). It gives you a good idea of which pictures are most popular and helps you optimise your content.

2. Be active
Even though I never unfollowed an account because the person didn't post enough pictures, being active on Instagram regularly is important. Not only will people keep you in mind when they see a picture of you regularly, but they will also get an impression of you and your style which ties them closer to you. Around 1-3 pictures a day are just perfect.

3. Don't spam
That being said it is important to know your limits! While I like to see pics of my favourite Instagramers a few times a day, I hate to be spammed with 10 consecutive pictures of the same person. You are at a nice event and want to share all the finger food? Better limit yourself to the one thing that you liked best. You think you wore the outfit of the year? Still you should just share one picture of it on Instagram and keep the rest for your blog.

4. Only take your pictures at daylightJust because you take your Instagram pictures with your phone, doesn't mean they need to be any less professional. Avoid taking your pictures at night, inside your room and at bad lighting conditions. Also don't forget to clean the camera lens from time to time!

5. Don't abuse hashtags
Hashtags are great to make sure people who don't follow you still find your pictures. Therefor your hashtags should be meaningful and match your picture content (yet a funny hashtag from time to time won't hurt anybody). I really like to use the hashtag #blogger_LU as it connects all the people from our Luxembourgish blogger community but also hashtags like #manimonday or #tbt (throwback thursday) allow you to attract attention. However 5 hashtags should largely be enough and abusing them won't help anyone. #whats#the#sense#of#hashtagging#every#single#word#of#a#sentence?!

6. Follow accounts similar to yours
Follow4follow also exists on Instagram but it isn't that common as on blogs. Why? Because if you follow somebody they will be curious and they're only one click away from your account. If they like what you see they'll naturally follow back, without you begging for it.

7. Comment on other users' pictures
One thing I like about Instagram is that you don't have to comment. You just scroll through all pictures and double tap on the ones you like. However from time to time you should take some time to also leave comments on other people's pics. It will give them pleasure and as I said they're just one click away from your own account.

8. Tag brands and other users
Tagging people is another great tool to attract some attention, especially if you tag brands. They will be curious to see who tagged them and if they like your picture they might regram it. Maybe this could even result in a blog cooperation with your favourite brand?

9. Find out what works for you
While I post quite diverse pics, I noticed that I always get most of the likes on food pictures. With the help of Iconosquare you can see your most liked pictures and make this information work for you. So if you're frustrated because you don't get many likes on Instagram just take a look at your most liked picture and reflect why people liked it better than your other pics. Try to bring some of that into all of your pics in the future.

10. Make money from your Instagram
If you spend a lot of time on Instagram and yet feel it doesn't benefit your blog, you could try monetizing your account with the help of Liketoknow.it Like this every person who likes your picture will get an email with links to the clothes you wore. If your readers like your style this might also bring you additional likes.

11. Enjoy it!
Even if you stick to all of these tips the most important thing is to have fun while using Instagram. It doesn't matter if your pics over there aren't as serious as your normal blog content. And if you don't manage to post regularly you shouldn't force yourself to it either. Because as soon as you start seeing Instagram like a serious business it will lose it's unique charm.

What are your personal secret weapons to accumulate likes on Instagram? Have you already found out which was your most popular picture so far? (I'd love to see it so don't forget to share a link!)


  1. Great tips!
    I haven't made instagram from my blog yet but when I do I'll try your tips. In the meanwhile I will have them in mind for you personal instagram :D


  2. Number 3 is very good advice!

    I don't know what my most popular pic on IG is so far. I have now activated Iconosquare, so hopefully I will know soon. While it is nice to get the likes, that's not the goal for me. For me it's more about sharing moments that I feel are share worthy.

  3. Here we go, something new for me again, Iconosquare :)) Thanks Carmen, for sharing ;)) I love Instagram a lot :))

  4. hi carmen..interesting post..thanks for sharing these tips..

  5. I was unaware of Iconosquare so thanks for that one Carmen. Will get onto that pronto. I prefer to post quality images over quantity so sometimes I'll post more than once a day and other times I'll go a few days without because I'm just not happy with the shots I've taken. I'm also forgetful. Most times I'm out I forget to snap what I'm eating or wearing, or a wall of graffiti which is kind of a good thing since I've been too attached to my phone in the past, rather than living and enjoying things in the moment, not through my phone's lens. Light is also a major factor in good shots. Something I have a major issue with where I live right now :o( good lighting makes a world of difference.


  6. I definitely agree on not spamming hashtags. They're just so darn distracting sometimes!

  7. Auch ich nutze Instagram schon lange und gerade für Einsteiger sind deine Tipps super hilfreich.
    Ich finde, dass Instagram vor allen Dingen eines machen sollte, nämlich Spaß :)

    Alles Liebe, Julia.

  8. Number 3 made me laugh, you know why :D

    Those tips are great and definitely useful. Oh and for Iconosquare, I always avoid checking out who unfollowed me because I often take it personal ;)

  9. Hello Frndz...
    Nice post!..good information,it is really helpful..it really impressed me alot and i just loved it.Thanks for posting such an informative content..


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