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#GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso, 16,95€ (English)books fashionista blogger wish list christmas must reads
COLOGNE'S GOT STYLE - Lena Terlutter, 19,90€ (German)
THE FIRST TEN YEARS, 29,90€ (English, in selected H&M stores)
SAVVY CHIC: The Art of More for Less - Anna Johnson, 18,99€ (English, German)
SO SHOES! - Frédérique Veysset/Isabelle Thomas, 25,00€ (French)
IRMAS STYLE GUIDE - Jasmin Khezri, 10,99€ (German, e-book)
PARISIAN CHIC - Inès de la Fressange, 19,96 - 24,95€ (French, English, German)
MODESTRECKE: Unterwegs mit Les Mads - Julia Knolle/Jessica Weiss, 9,95€ (German)

While I've read half of these, the other half consists of books I've heard about recently and would love to add to my coffee table book collection. Let's start off with the books I can recommend you by experience: I've already reviewed the books "Parisian Chic" and "Modestrecke" and I still think they're absolutely worth reading. I've already read "Modestrecke" twice but I guess now that I've come further with my own blog, I might see this blogger success story from a different angle yet again. Only this summer I got the books "Savvy Chic" and "Irmas Style Guide". I haven't finished the first one but basically it's about leading a fashionable life on a budget. The second one has been written by a German art director who creates the most lovely illustrations for a range of renowned fashion magazines under the pen name Irma. Her little guide couldn't be more inspiring and she's overly talented when it comes to giving boring clothes a new twist.
Going over to the books I haven't read myself I don't think I need to say much about "#Girlboss" as it has been on blogs and in social media for months. I really recommend you to make us of the "look inside" function on Amazon as you'll immediately fall in love with Sophia's personality! Then another book that has been highly hyped on German-speaking blogs: Lena Terlutters book about Cologne style. She's a blogger and owner of one of the most popular stores in Cologne (Boutique Belgique) and wants to show the world that her city has got a unique style, just like Berlin, Paris and London. Finally the books "So Shoes", which is basically a must have for shoes addicts, and "The First Ten Years", which is a must have for all H&M collaboration fans (which I count myself among because even though I totally disliked the last collection and the exaggerated hype around all of them, I still think that H&M collaborations are a unique and noteworthy phenomenon.)
Which of these books have you read and which ones are you still expecting under the Christmas tree?


  1. I made a screen shot of this post! I love your selction and I want to add some of these books to my collection!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. nice selection carmen..i want so shoes

  3. I read #Girlboss - I loved it, she is so blunt and honest. I, for one, really felt it's a motivational read if you want to start something from almost nothing. I would also like to see how Michelle Phan's book Make Up looks like too :)

  4. Hey, das sieht ja nach einer unterhaltsamen Sammlung aus! Ich habe bisher nur Pariser Chic gelesen (die Review steht seit Monaten aus! shame on me!). Dabei habe ich aber festgestellt, dass ich mich nicht wirklich in dieser Fashion Welt wiederfinde, weshalb ich glaube, dass diese Bücher hier nicht sooo sehr für meine Wishlist geeignet sind. Ich glaub, da wünsch ich mir lieber Kochbücher :D
    Liebe Grüße

  5. I would love to read: The first ten years :D
    Great selection


  6. Tolle Bücher! #Girlboss habe ich mir auch gerade erst gekauft.

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen


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