Even though it's just a hashtag it has been determining my everyday life for the past few months. Because in fact it is not just a hashtag but it is also a group, a community and a fanpage and has a long story behind it. As I've been mentioning it like a thousand times I will keep the story short: I wanted to have an active blogger community in Luxembourg, I met up with Anouk and she agreed, we founded the Facebook group Blogger_LU which now also has a belonging fanpage and we have since then been organising monthly meetings which allowed me to get to know some of the cutest people around Luxembourg. Obviously it wasn't as easy as this. We needed to find members which at the beginning wasn't as easy at it is now (because meanwhile the new members find us). Also we are a group of really different people and I feel like everybody has a different idea of what blogging and the blogger community in Luxembourg should be like. So being the one who had the idea for the group I've always felt responsible for what's going on in there, which literally gave me some sleepless nights, even though some people may not understand why. Nonetheless my chief aim was always to fight for the respect bloggers in Luxembourg deserve and I feel like today we've reached one of many milestones:

Anouk and I were interviewed for a local newspaper, talking about #Blogger_LU and the future of blogging in Luxembourg. You can read the article online and I would love for you to tell me what you think about it (sorry it's in German though). Obviously it's a great way for bloggers in Luxembourg to be taken more seriously and even though we're far from where I dream for our community to be one day, it's a great first step in the right direction.
In this sense I also wanted to use this post to thank the people who have always supported me with this project, namely Anouk (my partner in crime), the bloggers I meanwhile call my friends, the bloggers who have supported me with their words and actions and finally also Linda who was kind enough to design our pretty logo:

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  1. de groussen Deel vum Mérite geet un dech, dat wësse mir allen zwee, well du hues vun Ufank un de Projet gesteiert an mat viru geholl. Merci fir däin Asaatz; ech si wierklech frou mat esou enger motivéierter an inspiréiernd Persoun collaboréieren ze dierfen!

  2. congrats sweetie :) you absolutly deserve it !

  3. I'm not from Lux, but I stumpled upon the hashtag the other day! I will look more into this, to figure out what lux bloggers are up to!



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