Beauty Empties: November

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HEMA It's My Beautiful Skin Day day cream, night cream & serum
Rebuy them? Maybe. Why? As you know this skin care series has been love at first usage and still there's nothing bad to say against the creams. However at the moment I'm trying organic face creams from two other brands which have also convinced me. The product I'm most likely to repurchase from this series is the serum as it is super handy to use under sunscreen or on days where you want to discharge your skin, as it has a really light texture.

HEMA Dead Sea Mask
Rebuy it? Probably yes. Why? From all face masks dead sea masks are my favourite and also this Hema one didn't let me down. The 15g are enough for two applications so the price of 1,75€ is justified. Before repurchasing it however, I should empty another one I've been having for years...

LUSH Mieli Mielo (Fairly Traded Honey - shampoo)
Rebuy it? No. Why? I got this as a sample in a goodie bag and I was quite eager to try it as I haven't had much experiences with Lush hair products. The smell is really overpowering at the beginning but neutralises as soon as you apply the shampoo. At first I thought that it will be super sticky as it mainly consists of honey but that wasn't the case. Also it's just as foaming as other shampoos but you'll need some more shampoo if you wanna properly dispense it. After washing it my hair was super shiny. The only bad thing: if you have problems with tangled hair this shampoo won't become your best friend. All in all I am not overly positive about Lush hair products yet so I won't repurchase the shampoo.

LUSH Enchantement (conditioner)
Rebuy it? No. Why? I liked the smell of this conditioner better as it smells more of a hair product. What I didn't like about the Lush conditioner is that it doesn't make your hair feel as smooth as other conditioners do and again you need more product to completely cover your hair. So again no to repurchasing.

THE BODY SHOP Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? It's the second tube I'm emptying and even though I was super happy with this cleanser at the beginning, I started having some major skin problems so I started using it less in order to see if the tea tree may be to harsh for me and thus results in the greasy skin I've been having  trouble with lately. I haven't come to a conclusion yet but I've recently tried another cleanser which I found to be more gentle:

WELEDA Refreshing 2in1 Cleanser
Rebuy it. Probably yes. Why? I got it as a sample some time ago so when I wanted to stay away from the tea tree wash for a while I started trying it and I was really pleased by this cleanser. You simply apply it with a wet cotton pad and then remove it with water. As it's said to be suited for normal or mixed skin and feels super refreshing and cleansing it should be the right product for me so I'll keep my eyes open to see if I find it in full size.

Schwarzkopf 3 WETTER TAFT Ultra Pure hairspray 4
Rebuy it. Yes. Why? When I heard that hairsprays can also harm your hair I wanted to have a really pure one so I went for this silicone and perfume free version from my favourite hairspray brand. It may not be extremely strong but as I just need it as a finish for my super straight hair I was perfectly happy with it. Obviously it doesn't smell as pleasant as other hairsprays but that's okay. If I come across it again these days I will thus repurchase it.

I've been quite busy using up hair and face products this month. In fact now that I live back in Luxembourg and have all of my beauty products together and well arranged it's more fun using them. And still there are drawers and drawers full of stuff waiting to be tested! (I blame it on the goodie bags, haha!)


  1. Hallo liebe Carmen,
    das ist super, dass du das gespostet hast mit dem Lush Haarprodukten, denn ich habe gerade den Lush Katalog bei mir zuhause liegen, und ich wollte mir auch schon dieses honey shampoo bestellen, aber wenn du sagst, dass das für Haare, die zu Verfilzungen neigen nicht sehr gut ist, dann lasse ich das lieber, weil meine Haare brauchen eigentlich auch etwas, dass sie schön weich macht. Voll schade irgendwie, ich denke ich werde bei Lush jetzt mal die Lippenprodukte kaufen oder diese Toothie - Tabs für die Zähne.
    Wünsch dir noch ein schönes Wochenende,
    alles Liebe,

  2. After reading this post and your other one on HEMA's products I might have to try them out. I work right opposite one of their stores haha! Have been thinking about trying there beauty and make up stuff for the longest time!!

  3. How unfortunate about the LUSH conditioner. I find that happens to me a lot. The smell is good & the product is nice in theory, but never really does much. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  4. These all look like great products!


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