9 Ways to Wear a Belt this Winter

If somebody would have asked me about the most understated accessory I would probably have replied the hat because it clearly doesn't get enough attention in everyday life. However after doing a little research on creative ways to wear a belt I am 100% sure that the most understated accessory is the belt! Honestly you can wear it with everything and in every situation. I picked my 9 favourite ways of wearing it but the possibilities are just endless. Don't believe me? Keep on reading... (P.S.: Don't throw away your unfitting, old belts yet!)

#1 Belt to Create a Cape
belt scarf cape

Can't find the perfect cape in stores? No problem, your new best friend the belt will help you create one with your favourite scarf within seconds! Just make sure the belt matches your scarf like Kristina and Michèle did.

#2 Belt over Sweater
belt over sweater jumper

You know I was never into wearing sweaters that much. I always feel like if you don't have a perfect body they make you look a bit bulky. However these issues are a thing of the past as the belt not only manages to spice up your outfit but also to slim your waist! As you can see both bold and minimalistic belts do the thing. 

#3 Belt over Coat
belt over coat jacket winter

Finding the right coat can be quite hard so I envy every girl that owns a pretty one. Make your friends even more jealous by wearing your perfect coat with a perfect belt to show your ultimate sense of style. By now you will also understand why I told you not to throw away old belts. Having one that is too large is the only way to follow this trend. (How about snitching one from your boyfriend?)

#4 Belt over Skirt
belt over skirt detail accessory

Sure, a pretty blouse and an even prettier skirt will always make a lovely outfit. But if you want to look even more stylish and effortless than the other ladies you just gotta put a belt on it. As your skirt probably doesn't have these loops to keep the belt in place, just knot it and let the end hang loose. 

#5 Belt over Jumpsuit
belt over jumpsuit

If you have the body to wear them jumpsuits are great. However the seam between top part and bottom part may look a bit strange. Hide it with a pretty belt that matches or complements the colour of your jumpsuit and you're sure to rock the thing!

#6 Belt over Blazer
belt over blazer sophisticated look

Did we really need another reason to love our blazers? Actually not but here it is: They look fantastic and even more sophisticated with a belt worn in the waist area. The better it matches the blazer, the more effortless does your outfit look. 

#7 Belt over Dress
statement belt over dress

Find your dress to plain and boring? Add a statement belt and it will feel like a whole new garment.

#8 Belt over Scarf
belt over scarf foulard

Even your scarves need a little belt-love from time to time. Keep those bad boys in place by tying them up with a delicate belt.

#9 Belt as a belt
belt match accessories bag shoes

Oh and let's not forget to use our belts for what they were made for, too. Transform them from a mere object of utility into a fashionable accessory by matching them with your shoes and bag like the ladies above perfectly did. 

So now that you know that you can wear your belt in sheer endless ways, it's time to shop some new ones to match your favourite outfits. You won't regret investing in a simplistic high quality one as you will probably wear it for years. I definitely need a black one like in the very last outfit picture. How about you?


  1. I love this set! Belts are so functional. I really like the belt over scarf & belt to create a cape look. I'd love to try to style it like that. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. love your inspiration! Belts can add a feminine touvh to any outfit...and often they're quite warm too!


  3. Great article, thank you!
    I never would have thought about wearing a belt over a cape or scarf but this looks great, I'm definitely gonna give it a try! (as soon as I've bought new belts^^)


  4. Wearing a belt is my favourite. So stylish.

  5. belt over scarf is the way to go! Soooo lovely, great ideas!

  6. I love this post :D
    Belts are so in right now


  7. Toller Beitrag. Ich finde diesen Belt-Scarf Style super klasse.

    P.S. #Girlboss find ich bis jetzt ganz gut, bin aber erst auf Seite 8. Lässt sich super lesen und ist lustig geschrieben!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  8. Great inspiration! I love how Emmanuelle style her outfits with belts :) xo

  9. Ich find die Idee auch super schön. Am besten gefallen mir die ersten Looks mit Schal und Gürtel :)
    Liebe Grüße, Fiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com

  10. Love this post! Such a great inspiration <3


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