Lush Blogger Breakfast

Lush - you either love it or you hate it, right? Luckily most of the Luxembourgish bloggers seem to love it as we were quite a few to attend the first ever Lush Blogger Breakfast in Luxembourg. The event had long been planned and highly anticipated and so I got up super early yesterday morning to drive to Luxembourg city, where some of the bloggers were already waiting in the cold. Let me carry you off in the colourful, festive world of Lush...


Beauty Empties: November

emptied post used up rebuy repurchase

HEMA It's My Beautiful Skin Day day cream, night cream & serum
Rebuy them? Maybe. Why? As you know this skin care series has been love at first usage and still there's nothing bad to say against the creams. However at the moment I'm trying organic face creams from two other brands which have also convinced me. The product I'm most likely to repurchase from this series is the serum as it is super handy to use under sunscreen or on days where you want to discharge your skin, as it has a really light texture.


9 Ways to Wear a Belt this Winter

If somebody would have asked me about the most understated accessory I would probably have replied the hat because it clearly doesn't get enough attention in everyday life. However after doing a little research on creative ways to wear a belt I am 100% sure that the most understated accessory is the belt! Honestly you can wear it with everything and in every situation. I picked my 9 favourite ways of wearing it but the possibilities are just endless. Don't believe me? Keep on reading... (P.S.: Don't throw away your unfitting, old belts yet!)

#1 Belt to Create a Cape
belt scarf cape

Can't find the perfect cape in stores? No problem, your new best friend the belt will help you create one with your favourite scarf within seconds! Just make sure the belt matches your scarf like Kristina and Michèle did.



Even though it's just a hashtag it has been determining my everyday life for the past few months. Because in fact it is not just a hashtag but it is also a group, a community and a fanpage and has a long story behind it. As I've been mentioning it like a thousand times I will keep the story short: I wanted to have an active blogger community in Luxembourg, I met up with Anouk and she agreed, we founded the Facebook group Blogger_LU which now also has a belonging fanpage and we have since then been organising monthly meetings which allowed me to get to know some of the cutest people around Luxembourg. Obviously it wasn't as easy as this. We needed to find members which at the beginning wasn't as easy at it is now (because meanwhile the new members find us). Also we are a group of really different people and I feel like everybody has a different idea of what blogging and the blogger community in Luxembourg should be like. So being the one who had the idea for the group I've always felt responsible for what's going on in there, which literally gave me some sleepless nights, even though some people may not understand why. Nonetheless my chief aim was always to fight for the respect bloggers in Luxembourg deserve and I feel like today we've reached one of many milestones:


Fashionista's Book Wish List

#GIRLBOSS - Sophia Amoruso, 16,95€ (English)books fashionista blogger wish list christmas must reads
COLOGNE'S GOT STYLE - Lena Terlutter, 19,90€ (German)
THE FIRST TEN YEARS, 29,90€ (English, in selected H&M stores)
SAVVY CHIC: The Art of More for Less - Anna Johnson, 18,99€ (English, German)
SO SHOES! - Frédérique Veysset/Isabelle Thomas, 25,00€ (French)
IRMAS STYLE GUIDE - Jasmin Khezri, 10,99€ (German, e-book)
PARISIAN CHIC - Inès de la Fressange, 19,96 - 24,95€ (French, English, German)
MODESTRECKE: Unterwegs mit Les Mads - Julia Knolle/Jessica Weiss, 9,95€ (German)


Cooking Made Easy: Vegan Hot Chocolate

vegan hot chocolate healthy low calorie almond milk

I must admit that the combination of the Holiday season and my exams nearing doesn't make me the healthiest person on earth. Well actually this is a huge understatement 'cause the truth is that I really can't stay away from chocolate, cookies and co. Ooops... But that doesn't keep me from eating lots of fruits and veggies every day and it also doesn't keep me from trying healthier alternatives like this vegan almond milk. At first I was a bit skeptical but if you manage to find the right balance between all ingredients you'll end up with a hot chocolate that tastes too good to be healthy!


XL Fall/Winter Scarves

Yesterday when I was rushing to my car in my workout clothes to drive to my workout session I had to admit it to myself: It has been getting damn cold over the last few days! So girls, it's time to pull out your beloved oversize scarves. I bought mine at H&M last year and I love the combination of beige, rose and neon pink. Only bad thing: All of my coats are grey so they don't really match my scarf. Time to get a new coat I guess... In case you haven't found the perfect oversized scarf yet you can get inspired by my little selection. Oh and do you know what's my favourite way to wear scarves at the moment? Just wrapped around the shoulders and then tied with a belt in the waist area. This gets you a super cosy and elegant look!


22 Stocking Fillers

Christmas present stocking fillers advent calendar ideas girls women


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Time to think about presents for your beloved ones! In fact in Luxembourg we don't have this Christmas stocking tradition but therefor on December 6th we get something from Santa Claus into our boots if we put them outside the front door. So whether you use these present ideas to fill stockings, boots or an Advent calendar, I'm sure your mum, sister or best friend will adore them! (I certainly would...)


New In: Birthday Presents

birthday presents

Isn't it sad that we're always looking forward to our birthday for weeks and then it's over so quickly? That definitely happened to me again this year as I didn't have the time to properly celebrate as I was busy all week long. Luckily enough I spend a wonderful birthday with my boyfriend who had taken a day off so we could cook lunch together and so he could surprise me with his enormous gift I feel I don't even deserve! Or what would you say if your boyfriend showed up with an iMac?! Gosh I can't wait to edit my pictures on this colossal screen!
Anyway I also got a few smaller presents that didn't make me any less happy, especially the earrings I got from my sister and which had been on my birthday wish list.


OOTD: Knit Dress & Minnie Mouse

ootd brown tights

This weekend was super busy and I've been on my feet from morning to evening every day. Friday however was really lovely and worth the getting up early. In the morning I drove to Luxembourg city to shoot these pictures with Anouk. We also had coffee together and exchanged the latest gossip, which is always ultimate fun with her. Around noon I picked up by best friend at the central station who had taken on the long train ride from Germany to spend some time with me and deliver his personal birthday wishes. In the evening after he had left I drove to a local cinema to see another really good friend of mine. It was "princess night" at the cinema and we saw the really inspiring movie "Grace of Monaco" with Nicole Kidman.


Technic Cosmetics: First Impressions*

technic cosmetics haul

I've been spoilt! Did you know the cosmetic brand Technic? Well so far I didn't but when they contacted me and asked if I wanted to try some of their products I checked out their range and discovered some really interesting stuff. Besides from some favourites I chose I was also surprised with lots of additional products so you can imagine how happy I was when I got the package after only a few days. I haven't had the time to try all of the cosmetics but I wanted to make some kind of a haul + first impressions post already now. If I find the time I might however also do a holiday makeup tutorial or a deeper review during the next weeks (any wishes here?).


Blogger's Secret: Mastering Instagram

Instagram is not only getting more and more popular but also more and more important for bloggers and brands. However just because you're sharing pictures of your daily life, doesn't mean you'll be successful on Instagram immediately. For you I collected my 11 tips to mastering Instagram and I also made a research on my own most popular Instagram pictures. These are my 10 most liked snapshots of all time:


OOTD: Denim Shirt

ootd fashion blogger luxembourg denim shirt statement necklace

Today is a pretty special day. Why? Well... it's my birthday! That's why I won't be spending too much time on the Internet but with my friends and family. Nevertheless I wanted to share a few pics with you today, namely the outfit I wore to the Paris 8 event on Friday. Again my friend Anouk was so nice to take them for me and I really like the outcome. Fun fact: while she took these pictures of me there was a lady taking pictures of our shooting with her tablet. She probably thought we'd somehow be VIPs as normally in Luxembourg nobody shoots outfit pictures in the streets! I hope you're all having a great day as I certainly do!


Happy Birthday Clothes and Camera!

drawing by Natalya Posukhova

Let me start this post with one word: Wow! Today I'm celebrating three years of blogging and while the first two years were already super crazy and eventful, this third one was really mind-blowing!
Here are some of the things that happened to me because of the blog: At the end of last year I was invited to a huge store opening in Düsseldorf and could shop my favourites before all other girls waiting in a queue outside the store. In Spring my fellow blogger Anouk and I founded the Luxembourgish blogger group blogger_LU and we organised our first closet sale. I cooperated with a Luxembourgish brand for the first time. I went to the FashionBloggerCafé and held a workshop about detail photography. I also went to the popular dm-Marken Camp Beauty where I learnt a lot about blogging. Since September I attended some gorgeous events in Luxembourg and was able to witness the launch of a new Luxembourgish women's magazine. I attended my first Blogging Class organised by Luxembourg's first and only professional blogger, Emilie. Of course again I met a multitude of fellow bloggers, both here in Luxembourg and Germany, and some of them have become close friends of mine. And now the big news that I managed to keep secret up to today: Anouk and I were interviewed about our work as bloggers and founders of blogger_LU! The article will appear shortly and of course I will share it with you immediately.


Event: Paris 8 Inauguration

Paris 8 haute parfumerie

Oh là là, there have been so many events going on in Luxembourg the last few weeks! You probably think I spend all of my free time at parties and events... Well not quite but I won't deny how spoilt I've been by several brands lately!
Yesterday evening Paris 8, the only perfumery originating in Luxembourg, organised a special event to celebrate their store relaunch. Surprisingly Paris 8 also invited some bloggers and I was among the lucky ones. After a warm welcome the general manager Ann showed us around and explained the changes they've shortly been doing to the look of the store. Via the relaunch they try to aim at a younger clientele which is also one of the reasons why they want to work with us bloggers in the future. It was pretty interesting to hear about all the concepts that are behind the look of a simple perfumery!


The Ugliest H&M Designer Collaboration Pieces Yet

Is it just me or has the Alexander Wang x H&M collection not been featured on blogs as much as previous collaborations? And if it's the case: What are the reasons?
Since the beginning of Clothes and Camera I've been featuring every H&M designer collaboration as far as I can remember. This tradition however took a sudden end when I saw the Alexander Wang pieces for the first time. Sporty chic is one thing and wearing leggings outside the house is another thing but running around in pieces I wouldn't even wear to the gym is about too much of a good thing. And now I'm hearing them haters say: "OMG she has no sense of fashion at all - it's ALEXANDER WANG!". So what? He's just one designer of so many and I happen not to like what he created for H&M. Is this a crime? No. So at the point where we are now we could just leave it at: Okay I don't like this cooperation, I'll leave it out and wait for the next one.
BUT it is pretty likely that I will be rolling my eyes over the next H&M collaboration as well because I have the feeling that the pieces they're offering us get more and more unearthly. In fact this shouldn't be a problem because fashion isn't always ordinary and has to blow away our mind in order to really work. But honestly, does the average H&M customer look like they want to get their mind blown? The thing is: I buy a lot of H&M clothes, I really like the idea of the collaborations and I'm eagerly waiting for every single one to be revealed but I don't get the people who hype each and every collection like it was the most world-changing thing since the invention of ice cream. Because if we're honest nobody can be Isabel Marant the one season and then Alexander Wang the next season. So before you camp in front of an H&M store next November you should probably ask yourself: "Is this really me or am I just buying it because it has a designer label I normally couldn't afford?"
Here we go with my personal best of ugliest H&M designer collaboration pieces in the history of H&M designer collaborations:

ugliest H&M designer collaboration collection pieces ever

What's you opinion on the recent H&M designer collaborations? Are there any pieces you remember that were particularly ugly or is there a collection you totally disliked? (Don't be afraid to speak up, here you're safe...)

P.S.: Of course I am guilty of buying the one or the other collaboration piece just because it said "Marni" or "Maison Martin Margiela", too. And of course I don't dislike the whole Alexander Wang collection either... I mean this dress would be pretty cool after all - if it wouldn't make an average women look like a Michelin man...


OOTD: Tweed before Tweet

longchamp le pliage bag purple violet combine

Yesterday Anouk and I had a super interesting meeting in Luxembourg city of which I hope to be able to show you the outcome very soon. Before meeting up with her I had lunch at Kathy's Cupcakery, a place where I wanted to go again ever since I discovered it.
Anouk and I used the opportunity to take some quick outfit pictures (thanks for that girl!) and as you can see I wore the blue version of my new 60s inspired dress. The first time I wore it I had combined it with a black blazer and a black statement necklace but this time I decided to add some more colour. Remember how I combined the yellow dress? Which style do you prefer?


Pamper Away the Autumn Blues

Don't get me wrong, I really like autumn! A/W fashion is just gorgeous, it's the season of my birthday and autumn finally gives you an excuse to snuggle up in front of the TV doing absolutely nothing but sipping tea. Nevertheless it kind of depresses me when it gets dark so early in the day so I definitely don't enjoy the time change. Luckily enough there is something we can do against this autumn blues: pampering ourselves! Probably the first thing that comes to your mind is taking a long bath, which is absolutely gorgeous, no doubt! However there's so much more you can do to make beauty work for your mood. It can start with a bright lipstick, either a gorgeous autumnal shade like plum, or a flashy pink you normally just use in summer. Especially if autumn depresses you because you miss summer, it can be helpful to stick to your aestival beauty rituals. For example last week I went to a beauty salon to get a pedicure done and even though I won't be showing my feet for months, I did it for myself and it gave me a feeling of inner beauty.
So whenever you're feeling a bit down these days, think of something you can do for yourself, even if it's something you normally wouldn't consider in autumn or winter. It doesn't need to be expensive or fancy but a new eye shadow or a quick stop at your hairdresser can work miracles.
How do you pamper yourself during the colder days? Here are my favourite mood boosting beauty products of the moment:

autumn fall pamper products candle bath bomb supplement cocoa body butter

cocoa body butter - THE BODY SHOP, bath bomb - BALEA, burgundy lipstick - SPRINGFIELD, "Sinnlig" candle - IKEA, perfume - VALEUR ABSOLUE, bath supplement - L'OCCITANE, foot scrub - YVES ROCHER


Manic(ure) Monday: Miracle Repair

Catrice 44 Mermaid My Day swatch

Entering a drug store in order to shop some necessities always ends in buying some not so necessary things as well. Having a voucher that needs to be redeemed only enhances this phenomenon. That's how I brought this shiny blue/green nail polish home from Germany last weekend. In fact I had been looking for a dark green nail polish since last winter but never found one that came close to my expectations. Funnily enough I seem to have forgotten the exact shade I was looking for because the Catrice "44 Mermaid My Day" which I bought here is in fact too bluish and bright. On the picture it looks even darker than it is so I'm not really satisfied with my choice. Luckily enough I also found another manicure related product which seems to be pretty helpful so far:


Cooking Made Easy: Scones

anne's kitchen scones recipes

My sister: "I feel like baking something."
Me: "You can't do that! We'll get fat!"
She: "Yeah, you're right..."
5 minutes later:
Me: "Why did you have to mention baking? Now I'm hungry..."
She: "Okay let's bake!"
Me: "Okay let's go!"

Yeah, that's what conversations between me and my sister sound like. The outcome: scones of which I ate way to many. I don't know why I always thought that scones must be the most boring pastry ever because in fact they are the fluffiest pastry ever! ("It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!").


Monthly Must Haves: Birthday Edition

birthday present wish list

"Butterbear" - LUSH, cookie box - H&M, necklace - LEAF FINE JEWELRY via Lajoia, "Happy Birthday" candle - YANKEE CANDLE, "Fleur d'Oranger" candle - MY JOLIE CANDLE, Minnie Mouse earrings - TWICE AS NICE

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