OOTD: Lurex Socks

This outfit is basically a gathering of half of my favourite autumn pieces and accessories but before we start talking about them in detail I want to make a little shout-out to my friend Anouk who was kind enough to take and edit these pictures and who now has a fashion blog called Fashionessed. Some of you may know her from her initial blog Luxessed but she decided to expand her photography skills into the world of fashion - a beneficial step for both her and all the featured fashion bloggers in Luxembourg. (Can't wait for our next shooting this weekend!)
That being said let's go over to this outfit which I wore on Saturday for another blogger meeting. The hat is my big crush and I have already showed it to you in a former outfit post. Same goes for the fringe boots which turned out to be really versatile (especially as they're the only decent pair of black shoes I own...). Also the glitter jumper has been a long time favourite of mine and I love how it gives an instant sparkle to any kind of outfit. New to Lurex collection: the amazing Calzedonia socks! I've been looking for a similar pair already last year but they didn't have one or I missed out on it. Now I finally own my pair of glitter socks and they're amazing! Can't wait to rock them all holiday season long.
Another addition to my accessories collection is this versatile striped bag from Delieta. And it is not only versatile because of the black and white colours (which match about 90% of my outfits) but also because of the fact that you can exchange the outer shell. When I was contacted and asked to try out a Delieta bag I was really amazed by this idea as I had never heard of such bags before. I mean the concept of interchanging designs is not new, you find it a lot in jewellery or glasses, but imagine you don't have to transfer your stuff from one bag to another anymore. You simply put on a new shell which matches your current outfit. Pretty cool, though! I chose the largest bag they had but you can also get the same model in small and a soft version satchel. The body for my bag costs 59,90€ and the shells sell at 39,90€. Furthermore you can also get individual handles and chains. I guess if you really like the size of the bag and the available designs and you don't have many bags yet it can be a profitable purchase. However to me it looks like the brand is rather orientated to busy woman who want to look nice but without the fashion hoo-ha and who normally own just a single bag anyway (yes, those women exist as my mum is one of them). I'm curious to see how the brand evolves and if I turn out to use the bag outstandingly often I might invest in another shell in the future.

Outfit: hat - MAISON SCOTCH, glitter jumper - H&M, skirt - SPRINGFIELD, ankle boots - CLARKS, bag - DELIETA*, socks - CALZEDONIA (similar here), rings - SPINNING JEWELRY


  1. Great look! I adore colors and your hat! :)
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  2. cool outfit carmen..i like your hat and your shoes

  3. Ooh beautiful photos!! Yes, Anouk has a great sense of taking great photos, she is improving so fast, so what to expect later, ooh la la, master :)) Again, Carmen, the skirt and the hat, hands down, you looked really beautiful!!! ;)

  4. ohh ech lieben liebe zum detail bei deem outfit. Den schwarzen hut dozeu deen spitzenunsatz un der jupp an dann och nach stremp, ganz zu schwetzen fun der posch och wunderhübsch :) schein bassde <3 war schein dech remzegesinn

  5. Ganz ganz schein fotoen an deen hutt... hach :)
    An daat matt der posch wosst ech jo mol guer net, mega coolt konzept op alle fall! :)


  6. I love the delicate rings in your detail photo - I only ever get excited about jewelry when I see it on others, haha.

    I don't know if I'll be able to make it to the next meeting as I am only MAYBE coming from the 12th-17th, so it's still a big maybe!


    1. I'm not 100% if I can make it either so fingers crossed for both of us ;)

  7. Thanks for posting the pics (even though I could have done better) and the shout-out! :) Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  8. Wow, you look beautiful! I really love your boots and skirt :) xo

  9. That skirt looks so good on you!
    Been meaning to buy it for so long but i never found it in my size :(


  10. I don't think I've ever heard of customising handbags quite like that. And I guess I like the idea. How many times have I fallen in love with a bag for it's outside beauty but it's insides are pretty rubbish and annoying. Suppose you'd never have that kind of problem again lol!


  11. Klasse Look & Location :)


  12. Very cool outfit! I adore the socks and tights combination, would so enjoy seeing more of that!! And your legs look so gorgeous, dear. A very lovely woman!! xo


  13. Diese Tasche! Die ist super - perfekt!
    Und dein Look steht dir ebenfalls super - tolle Schuhe!

    freak in you

  14. You look amazing, love the hat! :)


  15. Hallo liebe Carmen,
    ist ja witzig, ich hab die Tasche auch "getestet" ;) Habe heute Bilder gemacht :D ICh bin übrigens ganz deiner Meinung, dass sich die Taschen gut im Büro machen und sie sehr klassisch sind. Ich habe versucht, sie ein bisschen unkonventionell zu stylen :D WIrst du ja morgen sehen ;)
    Übrigens ist das Outfit mit dem Hut und den Söckchen unglaublich süß und steht dir ganz ganz toll! :*


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