Light Up Your Autumn

from top left to bottom right: ZARA Home Jardin de Nuit, LADURÉE Glazed Chestnut, DIPTYQUE Oranger, YANKEE CANDLE Happy Halloween, IKEA Vintermys, YANKEE CANDLE Apple Pumpkin, DIPTYQUE Feu de Bois, JO MALONE Blackberry & Bay, H&M Wild Rose

Okay we all know that bad weather sucks. Living in Luxembourg I can handle rain quite well but what I can't handle is when it gets dark so early in the evening. That kinda depresses me, especially at the beginning of autumn. However the darkness also has its advantages. After all it allows us to light a pretty scented candle and snuggle down in a cosy blanket. Right now I'm having a crème brûlée scented candle burning next to me but I also love how some candles don't even need to be lit to emit a  feelgood smell. What are your favourite candle scents? Mine definitely are vanilla and everything that smells like dessert! Also if you don't want to spend a fortune on candles I recommend the scented ones from Ikea and dm.


  1. Oooh I loooove candles, and I guess they are the thing that helps me to survive winter season :)) I like scented ones, but like good quality, which leaves a scent in a room for a long time. I like Ikea candles too, unfortunately they don't have a huge smell when lighted, but it's cheap and still burning, so great anyway :)) and after burning out the jar is very useful for cosmetic brushes :))

  2. I have a lot of scented candeles in my home too, my new favourites are Macaron & Cotton scent from Match.

  3. ohh ech lieben duftkerzen! Meng lieblings den moment ass "coeur de lin" aus dem maisons du monde :)

  4. I need to get a couple of Diptyque candles for autumn/winter!

  5. Oh I totally agree with you! I'm so in love with candles and the smell of good candles at the moment. It's awsome how your mood can change with a good one!

    Love that post! :)

    Have a lovely day (and a lovely candle :D)
    Laura / wwdancer.de

  6. Ich mag am liebesten Kerzen die nch Vanille, Schoko oder Karamell durften <3
    X, Ania - www.overdivity-fashion.blogspot.de
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  7. I love candles ! Yankee Candle Halloween edition are marvelous, I want them :)

  8. That's cool!
    Have a nice day!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  9. i love a good candle, they are such a treat! My favourites are the fig scented ones :) xx


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