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Since the launch of Janette Magazine last month, I was eagerly waiting for the second issue to arrive so I was really delighted when I got an invitation to another Janette event. The lovely girls behind the magazine had organised an evening at the French fashion store Courrèges, not only to celebrate the launch of the second issue of their magazine, but also to make us (re)discover the old and new Courrèges perfumes.
Therefore Courrèges had especially invited Anne-Louise Gautier, a Parisian perfume expert who talked about the perfumes with an incredible passion. In fact I had never met somebody who works with perfumes and it was so nice to discover the Courrèges perfumes with her as she always asked us about our opinion on the various scents and also stressed that it's no so important to smell what a scent is made of, but to associate a smell with a positive feeling. From the five perfumes she introduced I liked the "Courrèges in blue" and the "Courrèges blanc" best. The blue one smells of lavender while the white one really reminded me of one of my favourite perfumes, "Prada Candy". Also the "Eau de Courrèges" was really nice and super fresh and thus reminded me of my "4711 Acqua Colonia" which is also based on citrus fruits. So if you happen to be on the lookout for a new perfume not everybody has you should definitely check out the Courrèges selection as with only 5 scents they managed to create a smell for everybody!
However perfumes were not the only thing I discovered that night because I fell deeply in love with the Courrèges fashion as well. I have never seen a better combination of cute 60s style and modern simplicity and funnily enough I had decided to wear my 60s inspired dress that evening so I felt I was matching the scenery quite well (even though my dress did of course only cost a fraction of the Courrèges dresses... but psst!)
And as bloggers are "spoilt pigs" (to quote my friend Imena) we also got a goodie bag not only with the second issue of the magazine but also of the Pochette de Janette! As I know that you're curious little girls (and boys?) I added a picture of the content of this month's Pochette. And who knows, maybe one of you might get the chance to win a Pochette as well? Stay tuned for that...

courrèges store luxembourg party

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courrèges store luxembourg

Janette porte Courrèges

Courrèges clothes

Anne-Lousie Gautier Nez

Courrèges parfums

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So huge thanks to Janette Magazine and to Courrèges who managed to grant me another lovely evening in Luxembourg city with my blogger_LU girls.


  1. Hahaha spoilt pigs indeed :D your pictures turned out great and it was such a nice evening with you guys!

  2. loove the goodie bag...and that comment from your friend is hillarious<3


  3. That looks like a great event! :)

  4. nice event and beautiful pics...

  5. curious little girl... dat sinn ech definitiv :)

    xx Marielle

  6. Looks like a great event!! x


  7. So interesting to read about the event from Your perspective. If only we could attend such parties every day and receive such wonderful goodie bags :)

  8. Stunning event ! You are so cute Carmen.


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