Giveaway: Pochette de Janette

Didn't I promise you something on Friday? Wait, what was that again? Oh yeah, a GIVEAWAY! After talking to you about the Pochettes de Janette several times I guess it's only fair that you'll have the chance to win your own! For those who don't know the Pochette yet, here is what you can win:

And guess what? You lucky, lucky readers will get the full Pochette which means that you'll get an additional surprise item I don't even know about! Besides from that the Pochette contains a Pierre Lorin silver ring worth 45€, a Monop' nail polish worth 2,99€, a Nordal mug provided by Cinnamon Home worth 4€ and the perfume "Valeur Absolue" worth 25€!
So it's definitely worth trying your luck! The procedure is the same as always and this time the giveaway is open Europe-wide.

Good luck to you and big thanks to Janette for offering us this cute giveaway!


  1. Lovely post, thanks for sharing! <3



  2. The perfume and the silver ring looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaway and greethings from Bulgaria!

  3. The ring and the nail polish :)
    Rafflecopter username: Joana Bento

  4. The nail polish looks gorgeous, so its my favourite item!

  5. I like the nail polish and the perfume!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Reste juste à croiser les doigts ^_^

  7. I want it!!! So beautiful and cute!!! I cross my finger to have the chance to win it!!!!

  8. I like the ring and perfume best.


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