Cakebox Opening

Last Wednesday was all under the motto: let's get fat (or at least that's how my sister would express it). But honestly if this newly opened patisserie would be closer to where I live I would probably gain lots of kilos within a really short time. Because at the Cakebox opening in Clausen (a part of Luxembourg city) I ate some of the best pastries in my whole life. Everything was unbelievably fresh and soft and tasty... Pastéis de nata, pains au chocolat, croissants, brioche, cheesecake, brownies - I tried them all and I fell deeply in love. Especially the pastéis de nata were the best I ever tried!
Besides from the pastries there was also a drink truck which one can hire and the amazing multilayered opening cake with different flavors for each layer! The decoration of the patisserie was typically in pink and white but surprisingly more simplistic than the interior which I saw in various cupcake shops.
All in all it was a nice evening once again spent with some of the blogger_LU girls and so I want to thank Nelly, the owner of the shop, for having us.

Picture by Cinnamon Home


  1. Deng fotoen sin mega schein gin! mir leeft d'waasser am mond zesummen bei denen erennerungen...:)

  2. Well done, Carmen!!! You took really nice photos!!! You know what? I would love to have now that little piece of cheesecake, niom niom niom :)))

  3. Multi layered cake with different flavored layers? YES I would love to be at a shop like that!

  4. This post left me hungry :x haha

    So many beautiful pics of beautiful things, I loved!


  5. Wow! Das sieht wahnsinnig toll aus. Hoffentlich schmecken die Torten auch so gut, wie sie aussehen :-)

  6. You look amazing!!! Oh my goodness those cakes. oh my goodness those pastries I need them


  7. I love the pasteis de nata! Really gutted I missed this event...

  8. Wow, that looks amazing. xa


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