Beauty Empties: October

beauty empties october shaving gel balea

GILLETTE Satin Care shaving gel
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? Being my favourite shaving gel it has been featured in most of my empties posts so no words needed.

BALEA Caribbean Dreams shaving gel
Rebuy it? No. Why? It smells heavenly of coconut but unfortunately you don't come really long with the gel as it isn't quite as foaming as the Gillette one. Now that I don't have a dm near my place anyway I wouldn't even be able to easily repurchase it. 

DONTODENT Pink Grapefruit alcohol-free mouthrinse
Rebuy it. No. Why? It tastes like grapefruit juice which I really enjoyed as it's my favourite juice ever but I decided to quit any fluoride-containing dental care as some sources have found out that it's a poison not even beneficial for our teeth. Obviously I don't want to convince you of that idea and I'm asking you to do your own research if you're interested in that subject. 

beauty empties october shaving gel balea

PENATEN baby oil
Rebuy it. Yes. Why? Baby oil is just gorgeous for dry legs and as you can read in an older post I even used it as shaving gel. I already have a new bottle waiting to be used. 

BALEA waterproof eye makeup remover
Rebuy it? Mabye. Why? I really like these oil-based eye makeup removers and this one was pretty good as well. So far however I still prefer the Maybelline Cils Demasq and at the moment I'm using the Garnier Express 2in1.

GILLETTE Venus & OLAY razor blade
Rebuy it? No. Why? I have written an entire review about the razor a few weeks ago and already back then I knew I wouldn't repurchase the blades as they're just too expensive. Already after a few uses I had to use additional shaving gel as the cushions decreased. 

beauty empties october shaving

GREENLAND Fruit Emotions hand cream lime-vanilla
Rebuy it? Maybe. Why? Best. Hand cream. Ever! I already loved this one back when I wrote a review about it but it was gorgeous until the very end. It absorbs very quickly, smells amazingly fresh and leaves your hands super soft. In case I'll ever manage to use up my 500 other hand creams I'll definitely repurchase this one...

MAYBELLINE FIT me! pressed powder 120 "Classic Ivory"
Rebuy it? Yes! Why? The FIT me! range is my favourite and I've been using it for years. When I was in London this spring I stocked up on the pressed powder and foundation and at least with the powder I'll be quiet for another 2 years (I started using this one in March 2012!)

Which products have you been emptying this month? Which of them will you rebuy? Shop my favourites of the month below:


  1. Gilette satin shaving gel is also the best for me! Well about fluoride, I wouldn't agree that much :) in dental products there are not a huge amount of fluoride to be a poison for us, but enough amount to protect teeth and make them stronger. Anyways, I love these 'empties' posts, weirdly :)))

  2. Oh my, for a moment I thought you are German, because you use so many brands that I like to buy in Germany :-) I love Balea products.

    1. No I'm not German but I used to live in Germany for three years so a lot of the products I use are still from that time. And I can totally understand that you like buying them, too! ;)

  3. Nice inspo. xa

  4. hi carmen..how many products..i like maybelline fit

  5. Great products! Love all of them


  6. I emptied Dove Body wash and my They're Real mascara by Benefits. It's like the first time ever I finished an entire bottle of mascara! I love your review. I do like the Gillette Satin care shaving gel as well. It's my fav :) Happy Halloween!


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