Happy Halloween

brain cupcakes halloween food scary

Happy Halloween! What are your plans for tonight? My sister organised a pretty cool Halloween party with great decoration and scary food like these brain cupcakes so we'll spend a cosy night in. If you want some last minute food ideas you can also check my Halloween post from last year.
Trick or treat!


Beauty Empties: October

beauty empties october shaving gel balea

GILLETTE Satin Care shaving gel
Rebuy it? Yes. Why? Being my favourite shaving gel it has been featured in most of my empties posts so no words needed.


Harry Potter Exhibition

harry potter exhibition köln bertie botts beans

As you know I've spent my weekend in Cologne where I also went to see the Harry Potter exhibition which can currently be visited at the Odysseum museum. I had really been looking forward to this as I've seen so many gorgeous pictures from Harry Potter museums/tours/exhibitions in the UK or US. Unfortunately the exhibition in Germany wasn't that interactive but yet the shown accoutrements looked pretty amazing and it was super interesting seeing items you have never noticed in the movies or to see them from close up. From the clothes Emma Watson wore in the movies to a true-to-life Buckbeak figure you can find everything a Potter fan dreams of. Having read all 7 books during the last year it was really cool discovering all the items that play a role in the story from Xenophilius Lovegood's Deathly Hallows necklace to the Horcruxes. Obviously I didn't go home without a box of Bertie Bott's Beans.


OOTD: Royal Yellow

ootd yellow dress

As you surely know from my Instagram feed I spent a really busy weekend in Cologne. I mainly went there for a concert but I also made use of the occasion to catch up with my best friend whom I hadn't seen for several weeks and to visit the Harry Potter exhibition. Thanks to Julia I could spontaneously add yet another stopover to my little weekend getaway. Only two days before we left she had written a post about this amazing castle not far from Cologne. When I saw the picture I knew I had to go there as well and it wasn't hard to convince my travelling companions.


Giveaway: Pochette de Janette

Didn't I promise you something on Friday? Wait, what was that again? Oh yeah, a GIVEAWAY! After talking to you about the Pochettes de Janette several times I guess it's only fair that you'll have the chance to win your own! For those who don't know the Pochette yet, here is what you can win:


Janette Porte Courrèges

courrèges store luxembourg

Since the launch of Janette Magazine last month, I was eagerly waiting for the second issue to arrive so I was really delighted when I got an invitation to another Janette event. The lovely girls behind the magazine had organised an evening at the French fashion store Courrèges, not only to celebrate the launch of the second issue of their magazine, but also to make us (re)discover the old and new Courrèges perfumes.


It's All In The Detail

The thing I like most about outfit shoots are the detail pics. They mostly have a nice blurry background, they show you the refined details that make an outfit special, and you can grimace while your photographer shoots them. This is a little selection of pics I've been taking since spring, for outfit details just click on the pictures.


Story Of The Perfect Fall Dress

versatile fall autumn sixties dress navy blue mustard yellow

When I went to Luxembourg city last weekend to shoot some outfit pictures with a friend, I would never have guessed that I'd be coming home with two same dresses. Of course I knew I'd be hitting the stores because I mean - Hello?! Why wouldn't I? - but in fact I had been looking for this cardigan. The cardigan however seemed to be of an average quality so I didn't want to spend 50 euros on it. I was already on my way home, without a single shopping bag in my hands, when I saw a Promod store and thought to myself that it wouldn't hurt anybody if I entered for a quick round. The quick round ended in the changing rooms as this mustard yellow dress had caught my eyes. Unfortunately there was only one left that didn't fit and so I decided to buy the same dress in navy blue which I liked just as much and which was available in my size. Why did I like the dresses so much? Well the A-line and the cute pockets had such an obvious 60s flair about them that I immediately felt comfortable and playful in this dress. Furthermore both the blue and the yellow were matching my brown overknees quite well and still, I thought, both colours would also look great with a grey cardigan or black tights. Really versatile dresses thus. Now you may be wondering how it came that in the end I came home with the two colour options? Well I knew about another Promod store being almost on my way to the central station so I popped in but couldn't see the yellow dress anywhere. So I asked a shop assistant and she pulled out a single last yellow dress which was exactly my size! Yay, happy me! I immediately went to the cash register with the words "Oh I won't need another shopping bag, I've already bought the dress in blue..."


OOTD: Overknees

OOTD overknees fake fur vest

On Saturday I had a photography date with Anouk (who had already shot these outfit pics for me) in Luxembourg city. Already when we arranged the appointment some time ago I decided that I would wear my new overknees on that occasion as I finally wanted to show them to you. Lucky as I am, last Saturday was probably the hottest day of October at 23°C. But I went ahead with my overknees scheme and even added a fake fur vest. No need to mention that I didn't catch a cold that day! But the sunny weather also had its advantage as I didn't need to hide my outfit under a coat. Besides from the vest it was quite hard to find something to wear with the brown overknees though as my wardrobe tends to turn more and more black, grey and dark blue. Luckily enough I got aware of these shorts, which I had already bought in summer and worn quite a bit during the hotter days. Already when I bought them I knew they'd be quite versatile and suitable for the colder days as well and as I hadn't shown them to you in an OOTD post my outfit choice was made.


My Week On Instagram

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SMETS Luxury Underground Party

I had already told you that I'd be going to another Smets event and here we go with the pics. It was a "Luxury Underground" party to celebrate the launch of the Kenzo x Smets sweater which you can see in the very first picture. You know I'm not a sweater person but I quite like that they held it all in grey and black which makes it really versatile.


OOTD: Tiger, Tiger,...

ootd kenzo dupe tiger sweater sequins

With all the fancy events and shootings I shared lately I thought it would be nice to show you a casual outfit for a change. So this is how I would look if you'd come across me at university. I am really not a sweater person but worn with a blouse underneath I think they have something gorgeously preppy and I love to be a little prep from time to time.
The rest of October is going to be reeeally busy. Tonight I'm off to Smets for another party, on Saturday I'll have another outfit shooting with Anouk, and on Wednesday I'll be going to Anne's second book launchEmilie's blogging classes and another event organized by Janette. And no time to rest as that weekend I'll be heading to Cologne for a concert and I'm super glad that I'll also meet one of my best friends there. Furthermore I really need to do some serious drug store shopping in Germany as Luxembourg doesn't have a proper drug store!
What are you up to this month? Has anyone planned a super cool Halloween party?


Chocolate House

As you could read in yesterday's post the blogger_LU group had another meeting on Saturday and we chose to go to the famous Chocolate House in Luxembourg city. I had never been there before but had heard many stories about huge pieces of cake and delicious hot chocolate. And even though I didn't try a hot chocolate (next time for sure!) I was able to try one of the indeed huge homemade cakes which I shared with Monika. The cake itself wasn't too overwhelming but the included cream and the almond decoration were beyond delicious! I also tasted a bite of the poppyseed streusel cake which was quite juicy but maybe a bit too intense when it comes to the poppyseed taste. Next time I might go for the carrot of the berry cake which both looked really good.


OOTD: Lurex Socks

This outfit is basically a gathering of half of my favourite autumn pieces and accessories but before we start talking about them in detail I want to make a little shout-out to my friend Anouk who was kind enough to take and edit these pictures and who now has a fashion blog called Fashionessed. Some of you may know her from her initial blog Luxessed but she decided to expand her photography skills into the world of fashion - a beneficial step for both her and all the featured fashion bloggers in Luxembourg. (Can't wait for our next shooting this weekend!)


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Light Up Your Autumn

from top left to bottom right: ZARA Home Jardin de Nuit, LADURÉE Glazed Chestnut, DIPTYQUE Oranger, YANKEE CANDLE Happy Halloween, IKEA Vintermys, YANKEE CANDLE Apple Pumpkin, DIPTYQUE Feu de Bois, JO MALONE Blackberry & Bay, H&M Wild Rose

Okay we all know that bad weather sucks. Living in Luxembourg I can handle rain quite well but what I can't handle is when it gets dark so early in the evening. That kinda depresses me, especially at the beginning of autumn. However the darkness also has its advantages. After all it allows us to light a pretty scented candle and snuggle down in a cosy blanket. Right now I'm having a crème brûlée scented candle burning next to me but I also love how some candles don't even need to be lit to emit a  feelgood smell. What are your favourite candle scents? Mine definitely are vanilla and everything that smells like dessert! Also if you don't want to spend a fortune on candles I recommend the scented ones from Ikea and dm.


Blogger's Secret: 10 Simple SEO Hacks

blogger SEO hacks tricks optimization simple easy

Remember my post about the dm camp for bloggers? Well I wasn't just there to eat cute mini donuts, nooooo... I was first and foremost there to learn more about the art of blogging and on how to improve your blog. So a few days ago I was thinking to myself "Hey... why not pass over this knowledge to my readers?!". Because I know that a lot of you have a blog or some of you may not have one but are willing to start one soon? Also these tricks don't just work for blogs but mostly for Internet presence in general so maybe you have that Facebook page you want to bring to light or you run a web page which needs a little more traffic? Follow these easy steps for each article you publish and you'll be on the right track when it comes to SEO.


DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee body scrubs have been a big deal lately, just think about Frank or Mr. Bean. I was on the brink to order one of their scrubs as well but as far as I am concerned I only follow trends when they aren't too expensive (that's a method like another, right?). And well 15€ upwards for a body scrub aren't peanuts in a student's world. So I checked the ingredients and the main components where just things I have regularly laying around at home. A new DIY post was born...


Beauty Advent Calendars 2014

The Body Shop beauty advent calendar 2014 24 days of joy

Are you as excited about this post as I am? It's probably one of my favourite posts of the year! And again it's never too early to talk about beauty Advent calendars as a lot of them have already been released and will probably be sold out before the end of November (or even October?!). I have now been making this kind of posts for three years (take a look the Advent calendars of 2012 and the Advent calendars of 2013) and I feel like each year I find even more awesome beauty Advent calendars to share with you. However this also makes it pretty hard to choose my favourite and to decide on which one to potentially get for myself. Last year my boyfriend had to decide the matter when getting me the coveted Benefit "Countdown to Love" Advent calendar which I also reviewed (just in case you think about getting the Benefit calendar this year). The year before I had a cheaper alternative with products from Boulevard de Beauté which I think was from Karstadt (and should be available there again this year). I guess this time I would love to try the Body Shop calendar as it has been available every year around Christmas but I was never willing to spend that much money. Also interesting: the L'Occitane calendar which however only comes with 13 doors. Why? Well because in Provence it's a Christmas tradition to have 13 desserts on the festival table.


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Cakebox Opening

Last Wednesday was all under the motto: let's get fat (or at least that's how my sister would express it). But honestly if this newly opened patisserie would be closer to where I live I would probably gain lots of kilos within a really short time. Because at the Cakebox opening in Clausen (a part of Luxembourg city) I ate some of the best pastries in my whole life. Everything was unbelievably fresh and soft and tasty... Pastéis de nata, pains au chocolat, croissants, brioche, cheesecake, brownies - I tried them all and I fell deeply in love. Especially the pastéis de nata were the best I ever tried!

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