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Rossmann schön für mich box abo beauty september

You surely all know the Glossybox and similar beauty product surprise boxes which you can order to get delivered each month. Besides from already having three big drawers full of spare beauty products ("hem") what really kept me from subscribing to such boxes was the price. Luckily enough the major German drug stores dm, Rossmann and Müller are offering cheap alternatives which only cost 5€. Unfortunately you need to be drawn by lot before getting one of the coveted subscriptions and so I tried my luck at dm for about two years and I was never among the lucky winners. It was only in my last year in Germany that I discovered that Rossmann was offering a box, too and in August I finally managed to snatch the so called "Schön für mich" (engl. "good for me") box. The box had a pretty good timing, too as I collected it in my local Rossmann on my last day in Germany! After all this needless background information you surely all want to know what was inside the box, right? Here you go:

Rossmann schön für mich box abo beauty september inhalt

Rossmann schön für mich box abo beauty september unboxing

Rossmann schön für mich box abo beauty september

1. NIVEA Color Care & Protect Light
2. BEBE More Beautiful Eyes
3. FOR YOUR BEAUTY smokey eyes brush
4. 8x4 Modern Charme deodorant
5. ISANA Professional hair oil care
6. OLAZ Regenerist Luminous
7. Daniel Katzenberger Glitter Cat perfume
8. MAX FACTOR Masterpiece transform mascara

As I said this was my first beauty box ever and although I wasn't all of a tizzy I have seen way more uninteresting beauty boxes before. I will definitely be using the hair oil, eye cream, brush and mascara (which I also got as a pr sample from Rossmann a few weeks ago so I really hope it's good!). When it comes to the shampoo and face cream I will probably pass them on to my mother as I don't have coloured hair anymore and I don't feel I need anti-aging products yet. The only product that disappointed me is the perfume as it carries the name of a German wannabe celebrity who has no taste at all so I surely don't want to wear her perfume which looks like it has been designed for schoolchildren and which certainly doesn't smell good either.
Besides from the products themselves the box also contained vouchers to get a discount when repurchasing the hair oil, perfume and eye cream but as they expire by the end of February I will probably not be able to use them (having 3 drawers full of beauty products and not living in Germany anymore).
Have you guys had a beauty box subscription so far? What did you think of this month's Rossmann box and do you want me to review any of the products?


  1. I love beauty boxes! I have one coming in the mail right now I'm so excited. I love the packaging, it looks so detailed!


  2. den pinsel finde ich interessant :>
    werd demnächst mal gucken gehen

  3. Nice products!


  4. Hi carmen...how many lovely products in this box..
    i love boxes

  5. What a lovely box! I'm very curious about the ISANA hair oil care :) xo

  6. I've yet to subscribe to any boxes because I already have so many new things waiting at home to be used! I like the things you've received although I would like more make up!

  7. I love these type of boxes :)) It's always so interesting and thrilling to know what is inside :)) ach, those girly things :)

  8. Haha, virun allem dein Katzenberger-comment :D
    Ech haat schon boxen dei vill mei deier dran waren an wou vill mei blödsinn dran war, also ech denken du hues do ee gudden deal gemaa :)

  9. Die Box sieht vielversprechend aus, muss ich mir mal näher ansehen!

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen

  10. Not sure that I have heard of this wannabe celebrity... I will google her to see if she looks familiar.


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