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There have been a lot of hints on my social media accounts and maybe also in some blog posts. Something I have decided one year ago has now finally become reality and I wanted to wait with this post until I could be sure that nothing can thwart my plans anymore. Normally I don't do personal posts like this one (as I think they can be quite annoying or inappropriate) but I feel like the changes I've gone through lately could affect what I blog about and maybe even how I do so and could thus affect you as my readers. But let's start from scratch:
About three years ago I went to Bonn, a charming German city, for some foreign experience and in order to study German philology. It was the perfect place and also the perfect time to start this blog as I felt like a city would be more inspiring than my home village. Another reason was the anonymity I could benefit from as in Luxembourg everyone knows everyone but I in the beginning I didn't want my blog to be read by people who knew me. Besides from all the blogging experience I gained, this city also thought me so much about life and friends. I made some of my best but also some of my worst experiences in Bonn and my time in Germany definitely had an influence on who I am at this very point. I learnt that it's okay to make mistakes and that it's more important to forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes, than to wait for wrong friends' forgiveness which will never be pure and real. However I was not only faced bad but also good challenges and so I gained a lot of confidence and I was able to broaden my mind with the help of real friends. Besides from the other bloggers I met and with whom I attended a lot of great events, I also made an internship at my university's radio station where I didn't just learn to trust in my skills but also that I'm worth being valued as a person.
Nevertheless I decided to leave this comfort zone, to leave my friends, my job and my embosomed flat in order to invest in my future. Right from the beginning it was pretty clear to me that I would be returning to my homeland at one point or another but I didn't think it would happen that early. However about one year ago I noticed how little I know about my own culture and how interesting it is to see how my little mother country is developing. Therefor I decided to enrol at the University of Luxembourg in order to make Luxembourgish studies. The reactions to this decision were quite varied. My boyfriend was of course really happy to have me back around while some of my friends in Germany were really sad about my decision and didn't want to let me go. They really didn't make it easy for me to leave as they had become so essential to me over the last months.
On Tuesday my courses started and yesterday I went back to Bonn one last time to clear out my flat and move back to my parents. Do I regret my choice? Definitely not. The courses at university are super interesting, I'm happy to have my family around even though it's hard to move back to your parents after three years of "freedom", I feel like my boyfriend and I have bound together even more now that we know that we've managed the hardest part of our relationship and when it comes to my German friends I'm sure that those who really matter will always be close to me, be it just in my heart.
Anyhow all of my thanks go out to the blogger girls in Bonn who showed me that blogging is a lot about meeting new people and having fun together, to my family who often had to relinquish me on important days, to the people whom I can still call my friends no matter when and where I met them, to one really special person who I will miss most and who managed to show me each and every single day that I will be missed, too and of course to my boyfriend who was never too happy about being separately but who always supported me in all my decisions and who was always there to receive me no matter how long I had been away.
Now what do these changes mean for your my dear readers? Well first of all you will be reading less about Germany and therefore more about Luxembourg (events, shops, restaurants,...). Also you were used to reading new posts over here almost every single day. However you may already have noticed that a few weeks ago I started limiting my posts as I am extremely eager to improve the quality of this blog and thus first and foremost of my posts. So if you are willing to join me on my Luxembourg adventure and if you're willing to discover new aspects of fashion, beauty and life with me, I would be over the moon to count you among my readers also in the future and to hear from you as often as possible. Feedback is always welcome as I only want to provide you with interesting content!
Wherever you might be, in Luxembourg, Germany or the US, in your homeland or miles away from home, in Europe, Asia or Africa - I wish you all a lovely weekend and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this very long onetime personal post.


  1. Hi Carmen, is a period of great change for you and your life ..I am very happy and can not wait to find out all the news

  2. We always hope that change is for the good. I know for you it will be for the good. Do not be afraid. All the best to you.

  3. Liebe Carmen,
    ich freue mich schon auf deine neuen Posts und bin wirklich sehr gespannt, mehr über Luxemburg zu erfahren. Ich drücke dir ganz fest die Däumchen, dass alles so wird, wie du es dir vorstellst und erträumst, und glaube auch, dass du das hinbekommst!

  4. It was very interesting to read your post! I am glad you really enjoyed your time in Germany and made friendships, and I think good and real friendships last long time. Now I wish you also to enjoy this period of your life to the maximum!!! Changes are always good, they make people grow!! :))

  5. Great to have you in Luxembourg full time! :)


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