OOTD: Under The Apple Tree*

At the dm camp we were thought that when naming a blog post we should use the keywords we want our post to be found for. So in fact I should have named this post "Back to School" or "Black Hat". But I'm a language student after all and the title I chose seemed more poetic to me. Why am I telling you this? Well in order to show you that these few outfit pictures are quite dense and that there are several stories behind them.
Let's start off with the apple tree. The apple tree is a sign for autumn and even though we had 25°C when I wore this, we can't deny that it's going towards the definite end of summer.
Autumn means start of school and in fact this was also the outfit I wore to my first day of university. I have now finished my bachelor's degree and I started a M.A. course back in Luxembourg. A long story which I will be telling you in detail as soon as I realised that it is real!
Autumn however also means that it's time to dust your beloved floppy hats! And I definitely didn't have to dust this baby as I got it all new from About You. The site has a lot of premium brands to offer but I was immediately intrigued by the brand Maison Scotch. I had of course heard the name before but never bought anything from that brand and I also didn't know they would be selling such perfect hats! Because in fact I had been looking for a nice hat for ages (like really, I mean years!) and now I'm so happy with my new baby that I even wear it at 25°C. That's true love, isn't it?

star and moon earrings

how to wear a floppy hat

maison scotch hat

how to wear a black hat

black floppy hat maison scotch

all black outfit hat

ootd details outfit

Outfit: floppy hat - MAISON SCOTCH via About You, blazer, blouse, pants - H&M, belt - TRESANTI via TK Maxx, watch - CASIO, earrings, bracelet - second hand, flats - via Schuhcenter, scarf - street market in Italy


  1. Hi Carmen, hope you have been well. Love this savvy autumnal look! Its been so hectic with work and studies recently so I had to take a break from blogging. I will try to get back to it when I have some free time. Missed reading your posts…Have a great week. You can find me at frillsandthrills@hotmail.com

  2. The hat looks gorgeous on you! Can't wait to see you on Saturday. xo

  3. You look great in a hat. I can't do it! My head is too big!


  4. I love your hat :))

    INSTAGRAM - hellodashi

  5. I love the hat - it suits you so well!!! so jealous about the 25 degrees too, its already so cold in scotland :( xx

  6. hi carmen..i love your hat..you're so nice

  7. Hello Carmen,
    You really look gorgeous in this black ensemble.
    Perfect for a new semester.
    Love your hat too.


  8. I love this look Carmen! This is something I would definitely wear too! Amazing!


  9. Love that colour blue. Your scarf print is so nice. You look so chic in that hat!

  10. What a cute outfit! I love your hat! In regards to naming your posts, my boyfriend was just telling me that! Something about SEOs and stuff and for the longest my blog posts were literally not keywords. Now they are!

  11. very nice look, i love your ghat and this elegat scarf!


  12. Perfect style Carmen ! You are very elegant and feminine. I love your hat and your scarf.
    How are you ? :)


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