Janette Magazine Launch at Smets

Underestimation is quite dangerous as it might lead to astonishment. Yesterday evening I was taught that my idea of Luxembourg and fashion isn't right at all. We have hundreds of people interested in fashion, we have gorgeous fashion magazines and we have amazing concepts stores and I discovered all three aspects at the Janette magazine launch at the Smets Premium Store in Strassen last night. It was a huge event with so many aspects I could talk about but I'm trying to keep this post as clear as possible.

Outfit: dress - H&M, boots - CLARKS, clutch - H&M, rings - SPINNING JEWELRY

Right before the event I met up with some of the Blogger_LU girls in order to take outfit pictures.  We decided to take them right in front of the shop for the evident red carpet feeling. Monika was kind enough to take mine, thanks for that! As you can see one part of the event was the presentation of the Fiat 500 "La Petite Robe Noire". A dream car for girly girls like me! 

As I said the location for the event was one of the many Smets stores. I have been to the Swimming Pool store in Luxembourg city on the occasion of their Fashion Cocktail last Spring but the store in Strassen just overwhelmed me as it is so huge and offers everything from luxury fashion to art. 

As you can see the guests were provided with yummy food and even though it was a bad time of the day for just nibbles and candy I still enjoyed the Bargello ice cream (especially the mousse-café flavour) and the candy bar featuring all kinds of Haribo goodness. 

And of course the evening wouldn't end without a fashion show, presenting the newest clothes and accessories available at Smets. To our advantage one of our fellow bloggers, Emilie, works for the new magazine and reserved us front row seats so we could easily enjoy the show. It was also her who got us these amazing goodies bags:

Besides from the new Janette magazine they contained the first "La Pochette de Janette". It is some sort of a beauty box you can subscribe to, either for several months or you just get yourself one of the special editions like the "Joyeux Noël" or the "Valentine's special". I'm seriously considering to get myself the Christmas edition as I really liked the content of the bag (a Tommy Hilfiger key chain, Syllepse Cosmetics samples, Garancia body cream, Sacha Juan hair repair and more).

As you can see it was an amazing event and I can't wait to discover the magazine! There's endlessly more I could tell your about yesterday evening but I'll just leave it at this but not without thanking all of the blogger girls who made this event even more amazing! I can't wait to see you again, you rock!


  1. Hi Carmen,
    I'm really sorry that you don't recognize me yesterday, I tried to come next to you but you was all the time speaking with the other girls.
    by the way the party was amazing
    xoxo mini nuni

  2. Now I see that sometimes it's worth to carry those heavy cameras, as you took really great photos that reveals the yesterday's event!! I would like to have that candy bar at home, but not sure if it's a great idea :)))) see you soon!! ;)

  3. wow carmen..a cool event...
    you took great pics and your look was very nice..
    i like your bag

  4. Ahh! Looks like a great event to be a part of.
    Have a great weekend Carmen!

  5. Dit lijkt me een erg leuk event!! Je jurkje is echt mooi btw!


  6. Looks so much fun. I would enjoy attending this event. Interesting post.

  7. Seriously the best ootd ever & those shoes are killers !! xoxo



    * My IG ( @nanyslife )

  8. Love the photo of everyone on their phones! :)

  9. WOW looks like it was a great event.


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