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On Monday I already told you that I had the opportunity to attend the dm-Marken Camp Beauty which is some kind of a conference from bloggers for bloggers but also from professionals for bloggers. As it is being organised by a drug store it is of course mainly for beauty bloggers but there are also a lot of technical sessions about photography, social media, and other blogging related subjects. But let's start off at the beginning...
Already last year I had signed up to the camp but due to my own dullness I didn't go there in the end. So I was extremely happy when I was accepted again this year and so I met Julia at the train station in Bonn early last Saturday morning. We took the train to Düsseldorf, where the camp took place, and had thus one hour to chat about blogging and girly stuff. When we arrived at the camp location, the really nicely designed Hotel Meliá, we got a warm welcome and a drink. On the first flour the most amazing breakfast buffet was waiting for us. I have never seen that many mini donuts in one place and I think I don't need to mention that they were beyond yummy!

After everybody had been provided with food and drinks we all gathered in one of the large conference rooms where we were explained the procedure of the camp. Really cute notebooks and cards had been waiting for us on our chairs and so it was easy to take along all the relevant information of that day. All the people who wanted to do a session during the camp had the possibility to shortly introduce their concept and on the basis of our feedback to that idea the camp managers created a schedule for the day. By the end of the day everybody could have attended 5 sessions and I chose to visit the ones about SEO, intuition, Photoshop, blogging law and nofollow links. 

(all above pictures by Johannes Dreuw and Jan Knoff)

In between the sessions we were spoilt in the various brand rooms where it was possible to get your hair, nails and makeup done, to enjoy bubble tea, to vote for the design of a toothbrush, to design your own tote bag or to get information about the latest dm products. Besides from the huge breakfast buffet we were also offered an amazing lunch (including the dessert) and the yummiest pastry for afternoon tea.

Besides from all the know-how we obviously also got "a few" products to take home so above you can see the huge amount of goodies I was able to sponge. The camp was definitely a really  worthwhile experience and I learnt a lot of new things about blogging which I'll try to apply as well as possible in the future. The whole dm-team really made an effort and they're not just super generous but also amazingly friendly and interested in the wellbeing of us bloggers. So thank you so much for the goodies and even more for this experience, dm!

P.S.: For more impressions of the event I recommend searching Instagram for the hashtag #dmcb14 as we had a live social media wall during the event and everybody was busy sharing pictures of every single detail!


  1. Great post :)
    Have a lovely week end!


  2. wow, such an amazing event! wish I had those here too!

  3. It looks like an amazing event! And the food looks so delicious! :p xo

  4. fantastic and interesting event..and how many cute products..

  5. This looks like a fantastic event; what impressive food! I stayed at this hotel a few years ago and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone.


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