Blogger Meet-Up at Mamacita

Only just on Saturday I told you about the changes that shortly happened in my life. I have moved back to Luxembourg so meeting up with the lovely blogger girls from Bonn will be really difficult. However that doesn't mean that I will be a lonely blogger again because here in Luxembourg we managed to gather some just as lovely bloggers, too! Besides from our closet sale and our meeting in August, this was the third meeting I was able to attend and once again I went home with a really good feeling. It is just amazing how networking can change your own perspective and further your own ideas.

As the location for our September meeting we chose the super relaxed Mexican restaurant "Mamacita". We had a long table right at the entrance and next to the bar so we were entertained and cared for by the waiters perfectly. When they noticed that we speak English among each other they immediately adapted themselves and they were also kind enough to take our group pictures. Also the food was served quite quickly and the only minimal downer was that the music was a little too loud to have a nice chat.

This time I was lucky to spend the evening with Anouk, Betty, VĂ©ro, Casha, Imena, Carmen and Emilie.

Behind the scenes... Thanks Carmen for this characteristic picture of a blogger's behavior at a restaurant.

I had the "Cesar Salad de Mamacita" which you can see above. It came with chicken, avocado and sheep's cheese and I particularly enjoyed the super fresh and tasty lemon ranch dressing. The serving was just right and so I think the price of 13,50€ was indeed justified. If I wouldn't have chosen the Ceasar salad I would have ordered the quinoa salad but maybe I'll give it a try next time. If you want to enjoy some South American food or if you're a tequila lover you should definitely check out Mamacita, which you can't only find in Luxembourg city but also in Differdange.

9, rue des Bains
L-1212 Luxembourg


  1. I would like to go back and try their quesadilla... :)

  2. OO, looks like a so nice day and very interesting. xaxa

  3. Oh wow, that was awesome that you had a mini meet up! The food looked fabulous!!

  4. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. Welcome back to Luxembourg :) The food looks delicious, since I love Mexican I'll definitely check out Mamacita very soon! xx


  6. I love meeting fellow bloggers! There is nobody else who shares my interest & my friends and family are super tired of my blog talking! :D



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