Beauty Empties: August & September

Ebelin cotton pads
Rebuy it? Yes! Why? The best cotton pads I ever used: Super soft and yet resilient.


Manic(ure) Monday: Fall for Metallics

Or should I rather say metallics for fall? Both versions should be adequate as I really fell for these brown fall metallics like the amazing "Pearly Chocolate Noir" (could the name be any more suitable?) by Kiko which I already bought back in Italy last month. However I'm already looking forward to revive some other metallic favourites, too especially the perfect bronze shade "Bangkok" by Mavala.


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Janette Magazine Launch at Smets

Underestimation is quite dangerous as it might lead to astonishment. Yesterday evening I was taught that my idea of Luxembourg and fashion isn't right at all. We have hundreds of people interested in fashion, we have gorgeous fashion magazines and we have amazing concepts stores and I discovered all three aspects at the Janette magazine launch at the Smets Premium Store in Strassen last night. It was a huge event with so many aspects I could talk about but I'm trying to keep this post as clear as possible.


Rossmann Beauty Box

Rossmann schön für mich box abo beauty september

You surely all know the Glossybox and similar beauty product surprise boxes which you can order to get delivered each month. Besides from already having three big drawers full of spare beauty products ("hem") what really kept me from subscribing to such boxes was the price. Luckily enough the major German drug stores dm, Rossmann and Müller are offering cheap alternatives which only cost 5€. Unfortunately you need to be drawn by lot before getting one of the coveted subscriptions and so I tried my luck at dm for about two years and I was never among the lucky winners. It was only in my last year in Germany that I discovered that Rossmann was offering a box, too and in August I finally managed to snatch the so called "Schön für mich" (engl. "good for me") box. The box had a pretty good timing, too as I collected it in my local Rossmann on my last day in Germany! After all this needless background information you surely all want to know what was inside the box, right? Here you go:


OOTD: Fringe Boots

Do you remember these boots? They were the gorgeous and really generous present I got from Clarks at the FashionBloggerCafé. They are higher than what I would normally wear so I just gave them a test run for these pictures but as they are surprisingly comfortable I might consider parading them to university these days. Luckily enough it's still super sunny in Luxembourg but it's getting colder so I might be in need to clear away my beloved ballet flats soon. However I know people, among them my lovely German teacher from high school, who wear ballet flats all year long. I guess I just saw her in boots once or twice after we had an Alaskan snow storm (that might be a bit exaggerated... well, the snow storm, not the fact that I only saw her in boots on very few occasions!). Anyway I'm drifting off... Have a nice (and hopefully ballet flat convenient) day!


Blogger Meet-Up at Mamacita

Only just on Saturday I told you about the changes that shortly happened in my life. I have moved back to Luxembourg so meeting up with the lovely blogger girls from Bonn will be really difficult. However that doesn't mean that I will be a lonely blogger again because here in Luxembourg we managed to gather some just as lovely bloggers, too! Besides from our closet sale and our meeting in August, this was the third meeting I was able to attend and once again I went home with a really good feeling. It is just amazing how networking can change your own perspective and further your own ideas.


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Personal: Changes

There have been a lot of hints on my social media accounts and maybe also in some blog posts. Something I have decided one year ago has now finally become reality and I wanted to wait with this post until I could be sure that nothing can thwart my plans anymore. Normally I don't do personal posts like this one (as I think they can be quite annoying or inappropriate) but I feel like the changes I've gone through lately could affect what I blog about and maybe even how I do so and could thus affect you as my readers. But let's start from scratch:


dm-Marken Camp Beauty

On Monday I already told you that I had the opportunity to attend the dm-Marken Camp Beauty which is some kind of a conference from bloggers for bloggers but also from professionals for bloggers. As it is being organised by a drug store it is of course mainly for beauty bloggers but there are also a lot of technical sessions about photography, social media, and other blogging related subjects. But let's start off at the beginning...


OOTD: Under The Apple Tree*

At the dm camp we were thought that when naming a blog post we should use the keywords we want our post to be found for. So in fact I should have named this post "Back to School" or "Black Hat". But I'm a language student after all and the title I chose seemed more poetic to me. Why am I telling you this? Well in order to show you that these few outfit pictures are quite dense and that there are several stories behind them.


The Body Shop Beauty Event

Newsletters. They may be super annoying but sometimes they contain invitations to lovely events like the beauty event in my local The Body Shop in Bonn last Friday. In order to promote the new "Wild Argan Oil" collection the shop assistants offered their clients a hand massage and a Moroccan makeup. As argan oil comes from Morocco the ladies had even put on tradition Moroccan gowns and they provided us with mint tea and dates. While I enjoyed the hand massage the manager of the shop informed me about the argan oil collection which is of course fair trade. Then I also got a Moroccan makeup with golden eyeshadow, a dark eyelid line and bold red lips. Of course that's too much for everyday life but I totally liked how the eye makeup turned out. The products used were the "Shimmer Cubes Palette" and the "Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner". In order to try the "Wild Argan Oil" collection at home I bought the massage soap which I can't wait to try out!


Manic(ure) Monday: Leather Matte

manicure p2 leather matte 070 insider's diary

If you follow me on Instagram you will have witnessed that on Saturday I was able to attend yet another super cool blogger event. It was the "dm-Marken Camp Beauty" which took place in Düsseldorf for the second time. A detailed post about the event will follow these days but today we're gonna talk nail polish only (what else on a Manic(ure) Monday?). In between the sessions, which were the essence of the camp, we had the possibility to get our hair, make-up or manicure done and so I took the opportunity to try one of the new p2 nail polishes called "Leather Matte". As the name suggests the nail polishes have a matte finish that looks like leather or suede. I went for the dark bordeaux shade "070 insider's diary".


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New In: Ikea & Back to School

In the course of time it became a tradition that once a year my mum, my sister and I go to Ikea and browse the variety of goods (whether we're actually in a need for something or not). Usually that happens a few weeks after getting the new Ikea catalogue which is always full of inspiration. On Wednesday it was time for our yearly excursion to the land of crazy furniture, funny names and kanelbullar. As you can see I came home with just a few bits and bobs but I had a hard time abstaining at Ikea's stationery section. Wrapping paper, notepads, gift tags, pocket books, gift bags and much more are available in several colours and designs and if I would actually use this stuff more often I would have taken along everything! Oh and talking about stationery... of course Hema does a pretty awesome job in this field, too as you can see by my super-duper back to school notepad and folder.

notepad - 3,99€
vanilla scented candle - 2,99€
placemat - 0,99€
all IKEA


Cooking Made Easy: Quinoa Salad

Even though I love anything quinoa I have never dared to try out a recipe at home. Well maybe it was a bit a matter of price, too as quinoa is none of the cheapest grains. However yesterday I extended my culinary skills and made my first quinoa salad. I must admit that these are some tricky little grains and, clichéd as it might be, I left some of them all over the kitchen while opening the bag and while washing the grains. Despite these start-up difficulties quinoa and I got used to each other and ended up in a perfectly healthy relationship...


OOTD: Schueberfouer

Schueber- what? The Schueberfouer is the biggest annual funfair in Luxembourg and it is one of the most anticipated events in my homeland. A Luxembourger who has never been to the 'Fouer'? That probably doesn't exist, especially as the funfair has been held for over 670 years! To me a summer where I couldn't go to the Schueberfouer is about as ruined as a summer where I didn't see the sea. The lights, the colours, the happy people - they make the 'Fouer' a truly magical place. My must dos at the 'Fouer' are playing on the coin pusher machines at "Majestic Luna", enjoying some yummy churros from "Churros Holidays", trying to grab an XXL soft toy at "Orlando" and strolling through the stall street. If you want to come visit this place of joy you can still do until tomorrow evening! Find out more about the fair here.


Manic(ure) Monday: 5 Shades of Grey*

Maybellines Color Show nail polishes are going "Vinyl" and the collection features four 50s worthy shades: 401 Grey Beats, 401 Teal The Deal, 403 Record Red and 404 Black To The Basics. As I'm not a huge teal lover and as we talked out red nail polish in last week's manicure post I decided to concentrate on the black and grey nail polishes and go for a grey ombré manicure.


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Tried and Tested: Venus & Olaz*

Let's talk about shaving. Nowadays there are so many possibilities to get rid of unwanted hair: cold wax stripes, electric shavers, sugaring, laser hair removal, epilating,... However none of these methods could convince me so I sticked to the basics: a good old wet shaving. I've been having a Gillette Venus Vibrance for years and even though I knew that there were methods providing better results, I could always count on my razor for a quick, easy and cheap shaving. On occasion of the FashionBloggerCafé last month I was however introduced to the new Gillette Venus & Olaz. Venus offered to send out a free sample to me so I could try it and write about it if I wanted to. I already knew that I wanted to write about the razor before I got it but now that I tried it I knew I had to write about!


OOTD: Aachen

In fact we've had other plans for Saturday. A long-yearned-for event was just around the corner when Carla and I noticed that we wouldn't belong there at all (something which is better to notice before than after an event...). So we spontaneously decided to spent some quality time together in Aachen. Oh and when I say "spontaneously" then I mean that I had exactly 10 minutes to get ready and look like I do in these pictures.


Monhtly Must Haves: September

Be it because of the September issues, the "back to school" mentality or the transition from summer to fall: September is the shopping month par excellence. Especially if you adore fall fashion and if it's the only thing that keeps you from mourning after the hot days all too long. Seeing all the fashion campaigns featuring brown haired models in tartan skirts, fur vests and quilted jackets, standing in front of English countryside villas makes me so eager for the leaves to turn brown. As I'm not only looking forward to fall but also to Christmas (yes, already!) but as we're also expecting a few more hot days in September, I created a pretty mixed wish list for this transitional month. We're having the daisy earrings, crop top and kitten heels that scream for summer but we also have a brown overload with lots of cosy materials and we even have Christmas worthy accessories like the star jewellery and the flirty clutches. So whatever your mood may be at the beginning of September, there's a shopping fix for everybody. Happy going back to school, fall shopping and summer wardrobe sorting out!

fringe coat - H&M, leather culottes - H&M, fake leather shorts - H&M, "Blush" clutch - ACCESSORIZE, tassel loafers - ACCESSORIZE, multi chain necklace - ACCESSORIZE, star bangle - UCTT DESIGN via LAJOIA


Manic(ure) Monday: Patent Poppy*

Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer

Red nail polish and I have always had a love-hate relationship. I have never really been this classy red nails type of girl and I remember some of my first nail polish shades being petrol and mint blue. Up to today as far as I am concerned blue nail polish is still one of the most fascinating ones. However the older I grow the more I understand why red nail polish is so hyped. It is simply the color that is socially accepted to be seen on your nails, not matter your age and no matter the occasion. Therefor I don't ignore the red and pink nail polish range at drug stores anymore and therefor I was also eager to try this vibrant shade by Max Factor which I was sent by Rossmann (where you'll be able to buy the nail polish).

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