Tried and Tested: Nu Skin Body Contouring Lotion*

Nu Skin ageLOC Dermantic Effects body contouring lotion

Nu Skin is a direct selling anti-ageing company from the US. Even though their brand logo looks familiar to me I have never tried any of their products. However when it comes to beauty brands I never hesitate to try new ones as I'm always on the lookout for the perfect product, especially when we're talking about body contouring! So recently I was offered the possibility to try Nu Skins ageLOC Dermatic Effects body contouring lotion which I have been using for a while and by now also emptied. You are supposed to use the lotion in the morning and in the evening on all of your problematic areas and even though I only used it on my thighs and forgot it a few times the lotion was empty in less than two weeks. Considering the fact that the lotion would normally cost about 56€ that's pretty steep... But maybe if it really works we would be willing to pay over 100€ a month for a cellulite free skin? Here is what I noticed when using the lotion:
The smell is fruity but a little strange at the same time. The texture is really good as you immediately see and feel the moisturising of your skin and the lotion is neither sticky nor too liquid. It is absorbed really quickly and leaves your skin feel soft. After a few days of using the lotion I had the feeling that it started refining my body countours but in fact I didn't see a clear overall change of my skin after the testing phase.
Normally you're supposed to use the lotion as an addition to the body shaping gel and a special instrument which delivers the ingredients to the skin. I can imagine that these products work quite well but again at about 56€ and 355€ they are almost too expensive to even give them a try. So I'm pretty sure there are people out there who have tried and loved Nu Skin and who are willing to pay that much money on good skin but I'm not and I will keep on using my beloved Garnier Body Tonic lotion which works just as well as what I've seen from the Nu Skin lotion.

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  1. Great review Carmen. I certainly would not invest this amount for a lotion. If Garnier can do the same job, then I would rather go for that one.


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