Sun Protection for Skin and Hair

Yes tanned skin is sexy but a sunburn definitely isn't. A sunburn is a sign of irresponsibility towards your health and of neglecting your appearance. When I was young there was no leaving the house in summer without sunscreen and so I learnt to enjoy the sun in moderation from a young age. Nonetheless when I was in Portugal two years ago I had a terrible sun allergy and I learnt that it's not only about sunscreen but also about the right product for your skin. Therefor I went to see my dermatologist already in winter so I would have the right products ready for this year's vacation.

Vichy Capital Soleil Face and Body Milk SPF 30
This paraben free, water resistant and hypoallergenic sunscreen for sensitive skin with UVB and UVA protection was my trustworthy companion on holiday. SPF 30 is just right for most European regions if you have average skin and as it is suited for face and body it's basically all you need to take to the beach (when it comes to sunscreen of course). The 300ml should easily get you trough a week in the south and as the cream is absorbed quickly you don't need to hesitate to use a generous amount. The sunscreen contains a little perfume which makes a nice smell but isn't too suitable for people with really sensitive skin (fortunately my skin isn't that problematic after all). Nevertheless I saw two disadvantages when using the cream, the one being that it ruined all of the jewellery I tried to wear (fashion jewellery and silver alike), and the other being that it was so water resistant that I wouldn't even get if off in the shower without rubbing. Still I would recommend it to everybody who has had problems with sun allergy before (no breakout on this holiday for me!) and still wants to get some tan.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Dry touch gel-cream 50+
If you have really sensitive skin that always bothers you in the sun I recommend going a step further and using this SPF 50+ sunscreen for your face and decollete. It has a dry touch (but was still a little sticky) and leaves your skin really smooth and neat. It is suited for sun allergies and comes without paraben or perfume. You might not want to use a SPF 50+ during your whole holiday but I recommend using it on the first days when your skin still isn't used to the strong sun.

Balea sun protection spray for dry hair
Besides from protecting your skin it is also important to do your hair some good as it will not like the sun, chlorine and saltwater either. Years ago I had tried a sun protection spray from Nivea which I didn't like at all because it left my hair all greasy. So I was really surprised when trying the Balea spray which almost didn't visualise in my hair and left it all smooth and pretty. In the end I couldn't really say if it made a difference because we didn't go swimming that much but at least I felt like I did my hair some good when using it so I will also take it on next year's summer holiday.

However why put aside these products at the end of summer? The hair spray will also follow me to the sauna in winter and my skin will thank me for some protection on the colder days, too! What are your favourite sun protection products? Do you have problems with sensitive skin or sun allergies, too? For those who will still be going on holiday this year: have fun and don't forget the sunscreen!


  1. Sun protection for skin is a necessary. It can miss it from my beauty case!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. I have the same spray for my hair- no summer without it! :)


  3. Such a great post! I suffer from sunburn so it was super helpful!

    Emma x

  4. Coole Produkte und wie immer ein schickes Bild. Um das Spray für die Haare von balea schleiche ich schon seit einer Weil. Ich weiß nicht, ob es sich jetzt noch lohnt es zu kaufen ... wo ist die Sommersonne hin?!?!

    Big Hug
    Hella von www.advance-your-style.de

  5. Toller Post, ich will nämlich noch mal spontan in die Sonne fliegen und muss mich endecken :-)
    Besonders La Roche -Produkte mag ich sehr, werde auch die Sonnencreme probieren.
    LG Aziza

  6. Great review dear....

  7. Super Beitrag! Die Sonnencreme von Vichy muss ich mir näher ansehen. Danke für den Tipp.

    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermädchen


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